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    Speaker: - LaMont Hamilton


    The ancients placed great importance in names and numerologists believe that names are not arrived at by chance.

    This magical science is based on the fact that the name of a person, place, or thing contains the very essence of its being. Numerology was devised by the Egyptians to prevent their enemies from being able to pronounce the names of the Gods.

    Not only that, Numerology goes beyond the limitations of mere coincidence. Nostradamus used Numerology as the basis for his predictions, with remarkable results.

    This introduction lecture will enlighten you, educate you and open your mind to the surprising power of numbers, and convince you of the enormous influence that your numbers have on life itself.

    Do you see numbers repeating themselves during specific times in your life? Like when you’re making a big life decision, shopping at a store, having a good time, when you look at a clock, when feeling stressed, or feeling blissed out?

    Do you see repeating numbers often, so much so that it’s just a daily or weekly occurrence that’s a “normal” experience in your life now?

    When people first notice these things they’ll say is: “So why do I keep seeing the number 11:11 over and over again?” Or “Why do I see the number sequence 123 all the time.” Or “I always see my favorite number on clocks, signs, receipts, and license plates!” WHAT THE HEC DOES IT ALL MEAN?

    Armed with nothing more than a date of birth and an intimate understanding of the vibrations of numbers 1 to 11, it is possible to deduce a person’s gifts and challenges, what their Soul desires to contribute in this lifetime, as well as what their Soul desires to receive and experience in this lifetime.

    Your date of birth is no coincidence, it did not happen by chance, The exact fraction of a second that you were born is unique to ONLY you!

    Your Soul chose that exact date prior to incarnation. In fact your Soul carefully and meticulously created an entire blueprint in which your whole life is dictated by sequential milestones designed to facilitate our evolution and ascension into consciousness while on Planet Earth.

    Unfortunately, many people get stuck at these milestones and don’t progress through life as intended because they’re unable to read the language of their Soul Blueprints. Instead, they find themselves trapped in perpetual cycles of scarcity, frustration, and longing, without any clear guidance as to where to look next.

    This class will help you unlock these secrets and special Gifts that you have hidden within the numbers in your life.

    Come and find out what all of those numbers REALLY mean and enjoy the fun and questions that will make you laugh and grin!


    Admission will be $10 for this special event at the door!


    NOTE: Bring an open-mind and be ready to ask questions and have some fun!

    Handouts & Lecture materials will be provided at the door and follow up material may be emailed to Lecture participants.

    Saturday February 11, 2023:

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm- Unity Church on the Mountain, 1328 Governor's Drive, SE, Huntsville, Alabama.

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    Admission will be $10 for this special event

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