Codeheat Award and Call for Code

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Meet the winners of the global Codeheat contest ( at the 2019 awards at the FOSSASIA Summit. More than 2000 pull requests were merged during the contest. Participants submitted scrum reports, wrote blog posts and created entirely new projects in the FOSSASIA community. Amazing work has been done by more than 700 registered participants and we will honor the top contributors with the Codeheat award.


1:30 PM Registration and Welcome
2:00 PM Codeheat Awards Introduction
2:10 PM Codeheat Award Prizes
2:20 PM Codeheat Mentors
2:30 PM IBM Call for Code


Entrance to the Codeheat award is free of charge. Please get your complimentary digital ticket by signing up online. You will receive a registration discount code at the event entrance.


IBM Call for Code: