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The Singapore Forex Trading Meetup Group as a traders’ community, is created with the purpose to gather people in Singapore who are online forex traders and also people who are interested in online forex trading and in sharing about the latest news & exchanging information on how to trade successfully in the market. Objectives: 1. To provide a platform for the members to share their experience in online forex trading. 2. To facilitate educational discussions on profitable trading techniques in forex markets to produce better and profitable trades during different market conditions. 3. To introduce basic trading techniques to members member to start out on online trading and improve trading skills, techniques and learn to manage investment risk, and finally, least but not last to share trading tools that can be used to improve the odds in trading and our trading results. 4. To create a conducive environment for traders to socialize with each other into a network of traders committed to helping each other be the best traders that we....... 5. PS: Please join The Singapore Forex Trading Meetup Group now and RSVP for the next meetup session.

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