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Like playing board or card games? This is the group for you! The games we play can be easy to teach, easy to learn, fun to play, and focus on strategy rather than luck. Occasionally we delve into the more difficult games, too. Best gaming group in Calgary! Game events provide a casual environment to meet new or old friends. Many of our events are presented by FallCon 365 and its plethora of FallCon Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors help teach you how to play games you've never heard of or played before.

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FallCon Presents: Airdrie Boardgames Meetup Round 2

Airdrie Co-Op

Presented by your friends at www.FallCon.com. A Sunday afternoon/evening of gaming starting at noon and going until 8 pm at the Airdrie Co-op Grocery Store. What kinds of games do you play? We play a variety of board and card games at this event. If you have any specific types of games you wish to play, please bring them with you but there is always plenty to choose from. Please visit FallCon.com for more details on the kinds of games we play. I don't know how to play these games There is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of people who are more than willing to teach games. Members are friendly, enthusiastic and love games and gaming! Atmosphere We strive to foster an environment of fun so bring along a friend or three. Any cost? The venue and event are totally free! Just come and enjoy. Outside food or drink? Food is available in the grocery store, Co-op doesn't let us bring our own food. Above all, lets have fun and play games!

FallCon presents: Board Game Night at the Sentry Box

This is the usual Monday night board gaming. Feel free to bring whatever games you like and if you want to request I bring any of mine just post a comment. Suggesting games ahead of time is a good way to make sure you get in on something and don't have to wait around for too long. INFORMATION FOR NEW ATTENDEES: Firstly, welcome :-) Secondly, here is some information on what to expect at this meetup: 1) The official start time for this meetup is 6.30pm. That's because I, as the host, am working until 6pm and so I'm unable to get upstairs and fulfill my hostly duties until that time. Having said that, some people arrive earlier and start playing. This is perfectly fine. Some people arrive later than 6.30pm, sometimes much later. This is also fine. Please note the end time of 10.30pm - I have a wife that I like to see before she goes to bed, so please try to ensure you are finishing as close to 10.30pm as possible :-) 2) The store does close at 9pm. The front door gets locked and the gate to downstairs gets closed. The tills are all cashed out and I am unable to make any sales. If you'd like drinks and snacks you'll need to bring them with you or purchase them before the store closes. 3) Tables and chairs are stacked throughout the mezzanine and back room area. Feel free to get out a table and set it up to start playing. 4) Feel free to bring specific games that you would like to play. I can't guarantee you'll convince people to play them but if you don't bring them and ask then you'll never know. Most people are willing to let others borrow their copies of games if they are asked. Treat them nicely. Likewise we have a lot of store demo copies that can be borrowed for the evening. Just ask me or one of the other staff if it's before closing time. 5) You may not get into a game right away. Sometimes you show up just after everyone has started playing. A good way to avoid this is by pre-arranging what you are going to play via the comments section below. Otherwise you can wait and hopefully some other people will show up, or a game or two may finish. Sadly it does happen that you occasionally will have to wait for a little while to get in a game. 6) Easier said than done: Don't be shy. If you arrive and stand in the corner not saying anything you are less likely to get into a game. Hopefully I or one of the other more friendly people will come and talk to you and try to get you into a game, but sometimes we are distracted, in a game or otherwise engaged. Most people at the game nights are friendly enough and if you come and talk to them and ask what they are playing or whether you can get into a game they won't bite. 7) Have fun! I think that's the point, right? If any of you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, either by commenting below, sending me a message, phoning the store, etc. Greg

Board Game Night at Dickens Pub

Dickens Pub

Join us for board games every Tuesday night at Dickens Pub, which is graciously providing access to its solid game library along with ample table space. Play a game from the library or bring your own! This event is open to gamers of all levels! If you want to play games, we want you to come play games—no experience is necessary, but a good attitude is a must! To better set expectations regarding actual start times and avoid having people miss out, please note the following: attendees are free to arrive from 5:30 p.m. onwards and parking is free downtown starting at 6:00, so we'll aim to play filler games until ~6:15 to allow for folks to trickle in. People are still welcome to show up after that, but those who do must accept the risk that all games may have begun. How to find us (continued from the official How to find us section): after descending the stairs(*), immediately turn right towards the pool tables and keep walking. We'll be to the right of the pool tables. If you don't soon see board games, you've probably gone the wrong way. (This may change on an ad hoc basis; please check the comments for any changes to a particular event.) (*) The pub has an elevator, should you need it; please call them directly at[masked] to arrange use. Other details: • The pub and event will have a soft closing time; we'll be able to finish games underway as long as we're not pushing it—an extra 10 minutes is fine, 30 is not. • This event is ages 18+ due to the pub's liquor licence. • By organizer's request, this event features "bar service": please place any food and drink orders directly at the bar.

Boardgame Bash of Blood XIV Day 1

LDS Church

It's time for BBoB XIV! The Boardgame Bash of Blood is officially in it's teens now, it's growing up and getting bigger! We are hosting a 1.5 day boardgaming event. This is a free family orientated event for all to attend. We will have a library of over 300 games to play as well as game guru's who are more than willing to teach both new players who have never played games before, or help veteran boardgamers brush up on some of their old favourites. A local church has donated the use of their gym, kitchen, and kids play areas for our use. That's the Boardgame part covered, what about the Blood? This event is also a fundraiser for Canadian Blood Services! Our Marketing team locates local and international sponsors who donate boardgames, accessories, shirts and goodies to the BBoB. We raffle all of these items off with 100% of all proceeds going towards Canadian Blood Services, in the last thirteen years we have raised almost 15,000$ for CBS with a big thanks to the wonderful people who helped raise the $1,375 that we donated last year! This is a free family friendly event to come and check out; with a child friendly area for the under 7 year-olds; and we are all looking forward to seeing you there! Thank you, and see you soon!

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Women's Game Night at Sentry Box

Sentry Box

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