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What we’re about

Like playing modern board or card games? This is the group for you!

Whether you’ve just tried Wingspan, regularly take a Ticket to Ride or are just looking for something a bit different than Clue, Monopoly or Risk, our meetups welcome all gamers. Join us online or in person at masks required and masks optional events!

At our in-person meetups you can play games across a wide selection of themes and interests; as a family, in a group or head to head. You can try one of this year’s nominees for the internationally recognized Games of the Year. Or join in playing many of the games from BoardGameGeek’s hot lists including casual/ family games and strategy games.  
You can bring along a favourite game, or use the comments field to request a game you’d like to play.  Another attendee may be able to bring and/or teach.  Most of our events are presented by Game Hosts from our annual Convention FallCon ( Hosts can help match you with great games and find other players.
**Online games** are scheduled and posted in the Meetup page. RSVP to make sure the host knows how many people are coming. Alternatively, you can join our Discord group here and take a look in the game-night-announcements and looking-for-a-game in the Lobby to see if anyone is  planning or playing games. 
We welcome you to our inclusive gaming community! 

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