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Please read: If you are joining this group with no intention on attending any of our meetups, this is not the group for you. Please only join if you have the time to invest in our meetups to make close friends.

[If you are looking to pick up someone at a Meetup, this is not the Meetup for you. This Meetup is meant to be a safe environment for all that are truly looking to create a family of friends without the fear of being preyed on by others seeking to engage in romantic/sexual pursuits.]

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”~ Henry David Thoreau

I grew up in California where I was fortunate enough to experience a wonderfully close, connected group of friends. We regularly spent time sharing our lives with each other... spending time in each other's homes, integrating families, sharing our hopes and passions, sharing our love of music, and traveling together. We often talked late into the night.

I'm reaching out to see if any of you want to actively help me build a family of friends of like-minded people who can share in creating something like what I've described above. My hope is that as we can create this family of friends that it will grow, thrive and inspire others. What would it be like to…

• Know you could rely on others and they on you

• Share any truth of who you are and not be judged; just heard and accepted

• Laugh late into the night

• Share your hopes and dreams and receive encouragement in return

• Call up any “family member” and just hang out because you want to

• To be that friend that someone else can “count on to be there”

• To rent a cabin in Mammoth for a ski trip or house in Napa for a long weekend wine-tasting •

• To collaborate in cooking together, alternating at each others' home

• To enjoy "movie nights" with popcorn or cheese and wine

• And to sometimes cry over a hurt or loss that’s occurred and receive a group hug in support.

If you desire this level of friendship and want to be part of cultivating a stronger sense of community in this world, then please join in co-creating a special family of friends. Everyone has special gifts to give to help expand this family to ever enriching experiences and cohesiveness. My hope is that this motivates people to open their homes and hearts to others. It is essential that all “family members” pitch in to organize events, etc.

***Since we want to create a close-knit group of people that genuinely want to be an active part of this group, our policy is-- two no shows or three months of inactivity and you will be removed from the group. However, you can always re-join when you're more able to participate in events!***

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