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Join the Movement! Meditation for the movement of the body!
Hi Everyone! I have signed up for this streamline dance excercise program called Body Groove Movement to improve my personal physical stamina! My goal is to be able to hike with my family at some awesome places but need to improve my physical ability. So this is where I will start! Come join me! Thursday mornings! It’s FREE. Children are welcome if they would like to dance or you would like to dance with them please bring them! So, All are welcome let’s make this a fun way to meditate with the body and learn to enjoy excercise get our GROOVE ON! Info About Body Groove and the founder. Http/ Misty Tripoli, is the founder of the Body Groove movement. In here words here Quoted from her website “Even though I now travel the world teaching my revolutionary health and workout secrets, I wasn’t always so fit and healthy…In fact, for years I was always tired and frequently overweight…(Which is really ironic because at the time I was an elite fitness instructor at one of L.A.’s top gyms, teaching dozens of classes every week…) Worst of all, I was so desperate to look a certain way that I actually was forcing myself to vomit after I ate…It was a terrible thing to do to my body, but I felt so much pressure to be thin, and none of my exercise routines were helping.And then BAM! The illusion came crashing down and I woke up to something… something so powerful and liberating! I have tried to explain it, but words confuse it. Truth, presence, awareness…Whatever it is, it set me free from so many things. It changed my perspective, and has guided me ever since. I quit my job, sold everything I owned, moved to the Caribbean (fell in and out of love) and launched and founded a Global dance movement that is inspiring millions to come together and get their GROOVE on!

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In this group you will discover and learn new ways to meditate and connect with your Inner Spirit. You will learn how to tap into your Soul-Filled Intentions and how to increase your intuition through guided, silent and even meditations embracing the inner child. As well as learning how to meditate with crystals, angels, and much more! If you are new to meditation or have tried and have a hard time turning off the monkey mind and the To Do lists in your life this is a Meetup for you. You will enjoy the support and love that will be offered. This meet up is about finding your individual spirit.... that Divine True Self that is within your heart! Come join and explore this meditation community and connect with like minded people. Discover all the limitless possibilities of the Spirit and enter into the flow of wonderful Synchronicity!

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