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In this group you will discover and learn new ways to meditate and connect with your Inner Spirit. You will learn how to tap into your Soul-Filled Intentions and how to increase your intuition through guided, silent and even meditations embracing the inner child. As well as learning how to meditate with crystals, angels, and much more! If you are new to meditation or have tried and have a hard time turning off the monkey mind and the To Do lists in your life this is a Meetup for you. You will enjoy the support and love that will be offered. This meet up is about finding your individual spirit.... that Divine True Self that is within your heart! Come join and explore this meditation community and connect with like minded people. Discover all the limitless possibilities of the Spirit and enter into the flow of wonderful Synchronicity!

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SAHA Community Meditation Thursdays

SAHA Happyness


SAHA Community Meditation class and gathering is a safe space to learn and share wisdom and love. Each week we explore Mindy, Body and Spirit using the breath. This week we will learn, and focus on a Rhythmic Breath to connect deeper to our vital life force energy and our Infiniteness. You will then be guided into a Loving Kindness meditation. Please bring water, and feel free to bring a journal. I am looking forward to see you on Thursday! Jeanie XOXO

Intro to Primordial Sound Meditation

SAHA Happyness

Introduction to meditation and what is Primordial Sound Meditation. Attend this event to experience meditation and Find out how you can receive your own personal Primordial Sound to meditate with. Find out when the next PSM workshop is scheduled. PSM is a complete package that offers you a personal mantra of a cosmic sound to meditate with. It is based on the date,time and place you were born. It is a combination of old knowledge & techniques of the Vedic sages and the fresh new evolutionary concepts of spirituality that is being expressed through Deepak Chopra and the late David Simon as well as our teacher at the Chopra center Roger Gabriel. This is an introduction to a course I teach. During that course you are given your personal mantra during a special ceremony. During this meet up you will be given a basic mantra to use and I will guide you in a group meditation. This program realizes and teaches the concepts of oneness as well as our own personal individuality and purpose! During a PSM course you are taught the techniques of meditation and how to meditate easily and effortlessly. Ways to receive your Primordial Sound: You can schedule a one on one experience for you to learn and receive your sound. The cost is[masked] for this one day event. 2 day workshops are[masked] per person. Create your own workshop weekend - a 2 day workshop with you +3 or more friends all will receive 15% discount on the workshop. Much Love & Namaste’ Carolyn

CHAKRADANCE™ Meditation with movement-Throat Chakra

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Dancing with the THROAT CHAKRA This is a 1.5 hour meditation Fee for this event is $20.00 paid upon arrival. 45 minutes is standing and movement meditation with the eyes closed. Wear comfortable clothing like yoga attire or capri pants with a comfortable shirt. If you have issues standing for that long you can experience CHAKRADANCE™ in a chair. We will begin with a warm up meditation and then journey through each of the seven chakras, starting at the base and travelling up to the crown. I will then guide you into creating your own mandala artwork and open the group for feedback and a closing mediation. What is CHAKRADANCE? CHAKRADANCE™ is a journey inwards. We use spontaneous dance, specific music, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system. CHAKRADANCE™ is described as a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence or true self. Our intention with CHAKRADANCE™ is to honor the work of the soul. To tap into that deeper part of us and hear what it has to say. By bringing energy/light into each of our chakras through CHAKRADANCE™ we can slowly become more balanced, more whole, and able to live our lives more consciously. The whole CHAKRADANCE™ experience is also embedded in the philosophy of Jungian Psychology. The primary aim of Jungian Psychology is to form an ongoing relationship between our unconscious and consciousness so that we can find wholeness and reach our fullest potential. CHAKRADANCE™ is held in a sacred space. You will be inspired! A Great practice for all 18 yrs and up! Much Gratitude! Namaste' Carolyn Hillenbrand A certified CHAKRADANCE™ Facilitator

Gentle Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation

SAHA Happyness

Some of Saha Thursday night events are shifting and changing! This is one of those nights! As we continue to build this community I have been called to create a new technique. Most know.....that Yoga is actually the practice we do to prepare for meditation as meditation is the original form of yoga. I have found that for those who feel they have a busy chattering mind also find it hard to meditate. When the individual comes to understand that making just a few practiced gentle movements removes collected energy from the body so you can settle in and settle down easily and effortlessly for meditation they are amazed at how rewarding and energy fulfilling meditation really is. Once we each recognize the benefits of a gentle mindfulness yoga and meditation practice our life just becomes more synchronized. I will be incorporating gentle yoga poses, affirmations and sometimes visualization to create mindfulness for the mind, body and spirit. The process of Being loving towards yourself and others while expressing movements removes what is called Samskara. Removing this built up daily energy that does not serve us is the key to living a happy,healthy, joy-filled life. Join me for this a new series of meditation and yoga events. This is a easy restorative yoga practice for mindfulness I have created this to be easy for everyone on the floor, or in a chair. All movements are chosen to prepare you for a 30 min seated meditation at the end of the evening. This is a 2nd Thursday event that will run through November 2019. Each month the class will be different. You will receive a hand out to continue using these practices. Fee for each class is 25.00 Or if you plan to make all 5 pay in full for the 5 month program and receive one class for free. Namaste’ Carolyn

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Intro to Primordial Sound Meditation

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