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The Art of Letting Go
We can all benefit from expanding our ability to just BE with what is, Letting Go of our attachment to the way we would like things to be. In fact, this way of being actually makes our desires more likely to come to us. And, there are a few particular types of individuals that The Art of Letting Go Women's Circle is especially appropriate for. This is event is especially for you if: * You have been trying to create something important in your life, yet no matter how hard you try, it's not happening, and it feels like your life and dreams are just passing you by. * You desire to amplify your ability to easily manifest your desires in general. * You experienced a loss that you're having trouble coming to terms with... even if it happened 60 years ago. You just want that weight to be lifted and to feel like your future has hopeful possibility again. * You have been carrying around a lingering resentment that has been eating away at you, and you just want to be free of the anger, move on with your life and be happy again. If you related to any of the above, this month's Women's Circle: The Art of Letting Go is especially for you! INVESTMENT: $20 Pay in advance here: Often times one of the reasons we struggle to create our desires is exactly because we're trying so hard. This is where the Art of Letting Go comes in... or another way to say this is allowing things to just be the way they are, without needing them to be any different. This is not resignation... but rather surrendering to what is. Letting go is one part of The Manifesting Paradox: Part 1: You have complete belief and trust that it will happen. Something inside of you just KNOWS without any doubt that this is going to happen, and you can already envision and sense the reality of it. Part 2: And yet, even though you KNOW the desire is absolutely going to happen, you are not attached to the details of HOW, WHEN, or even IF it will happen at all. You're like “Yeah, that would be SO lovely if it happens... but I'm totally GREAT even if it doesn't! TRULY"! Most people experience a challenge with holding these two seemingly opposite things at the same time... AND they especially struggle with doing Part 2 from an empowered place. This is what The Art of Letting Go Women's Circle is all about! The Art of Letting Go Women's Circle will support you to: * Discover tools and resources to support you through any challenging emotions you may be feeling in an area of your life where you are struggling to let go and just BE with what is. * Be empowered to evolve beyond the areas you've been stuck, so you're liberated to move forward. * Awaken to your power to create a happy, healthy future The Women's Circle is an opportunity to create community with other conscious, like-minded women, and an opportunity to give and receive support so you can step into your power and your destiny. Bring paper and pen for personal reflection. Please plan to be on time so we can make the most of our time together!

Sheridan Library (Arapahoe Libraries)

3425 West Oxford Avenue · Denver, CO

Respond by: 11/18/2018

What we're about

~ It's time for the awakening of our Feminine Power! What is Feminine Power you ask? To put it simply, it's the inherent power you already have, and when you learn to activate it, you can effortlessly create and manifest your deepest desires in any area of your life. The thing is that most of us don't know how to tap into this power, because our culture is based on a system of Masculine Power. Like when you build a house: you make a plan, draw up a blueprint, order supplies, hire workers, carry out the plan, and voila – you have a house! Masculine Power is a great system if you want to create something in the material world, like a house.

~ But if you desire to create love and better relationships ♥ Improve health, vitality and wellness ♥ Expand your spiritual connection ♦ Create prosperity and abundance $ Attract a fulfilling career ♦ Deepen your sense of being your most true, authentic, and empowered self ♥ Experience greater fun, creativity and self-expression ♫ Discover a sense of being in alignment with your life purpose, then Masculine Power doesn't work very well. You can't strategize your way to True Love! It's not possible to map out how to discover what you are meant to do in this lifetime. This is where you need Feminine Power!

~ This group will empower you to identify and release the inner obstacles that have been blocking your ability to create your deepest desires, so you can show up in life as the divine woman you came here to be. From this empowered and clear place, it becomes easy to align with the greater forces of life to co-create that which you are deeply yearning for. The evolutionary impulse inside you is calling you to step into your greatness and bring forth your deepest desires.

~ This meetup will offer opportunities for growth, learning, and connection with other conscious, evolving women who are also on a path to being fully self-actualized. Book clubs, social activities, and both short and longer workshops will be offered. Longer workshops will include the full 8 week Calling in The One course (focusing on Manifesting a Soulmate!) and Feminine Power Workshops, both created by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, to be facilitated by Jennifer Zundel ~ Certified Calling in The One coach and Feminine Power coach/facilitator.

~ Please be respectful when you sign up for events and only sign up if you are certain you will attend. Events often need to be planned around the number of attendees. Thank you for promptly updating your RSVP if you realize you won't be able to attend.

~ Looking forward to meeting you at an event!

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