What we're about


A casual discussion group for friendly, pro-choice, bunch of feminists to meet up and have chats about a wide variety of topics that intersect with Gender Issues. The aim is to pick topics everyone can bring a perspective to and encourage collaboration.

The goal is to get feminist-minded people ( of all gender identities and sexuality) meeting, talking and socializing.

• **The fine print**
This group does not exist to prove the validity of feminism or to convince you to a particular way of thinking.
If you have a particularly negative impression of feminism we may be able to recommend books and websites, but we will not waste attendee's time by responding to demands that we defend our own existence.

You don't require a degree in gender studies, you can just come along, ask questions, and listen.

If you seek more feminist Literature in your life?
Check out out Feminist Book Club in Dublin - Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Feminist-Book-Club-in-Dublin/)
Which we also run.

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Monthly Feminist Coffee Chats: Gender and Anger

Costa Coffee

Monthly Feminist Coffee Chats: Emotional Labour

Costa Coffee

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