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You must purchase your own ticket: Spend a summer evening at the Great Estate! Enjoy an intimate guided tour followed by live music, desserts and a cash bar on the loggia terrace. This is shared with Fun Lovers of Travel Group

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Update: When we reach 1000 members I will be slowing membership to approval to help balance out the group. We are female heavy right now so please be patient as I attempt to do that. Thanks for understanding.

This group is for seasoned single professional individuals. 50+ and Single please. I want to create a group that is dedicated to a more mature group of fun loving and still young individuals to come together and network and meet in an environment that is not a "dating" but rather a social group to enjoy good times and good cheer! There seems to be a lot of Happy Hour Groups dedicated to the 20, 30 & 40 year old's and that's fine but this is for the rest of us!
I plan on having at least once a month on a Wednesday a Happy Hour Meet and Greet.
Come join, have fun and make new friends.

Please read:

I am writing this in hopes that you will ALL READ it and that it just might clear up some confusion for what I am trying to do with this group.

I have 2 groups, however, this one is the one that seems to have a problem understanding meetups that I write.

First let me say this….

This is in no way meant to be demeaning or sarcastic. I think I am about as frustrated as I can be as to how I can do a better job in spelling out what a meetup is going to be. So let me try to clarify some things.

First, this is a Happy Hour group for members single and 50 and older.

Second, I will LABEL A HAPPY HOUR as such, Venue Happy Hour. (Example: Ocean Prime Happy Hour)

The Happy Hours are for this group ONLY.

Third, I will also be doing OTHER things, such as, concerts, hikes, dinners, dinner & dancing, dancing, festivals etc.

Some of those things MIGHT be shared with one or both of my other groups. IF I include those groups I will state it on the MEETUP that it is a SHARED MEETUP. If it is shared it will not be strictly singles, however, the majority will be. (I have a lot of crossover between my groups, as some are in two or all three.)

Fourth, if it says DINNER it means a sit down dinner.

Fifth, the venue and address is listed at the top of the meetup as well as a map.

Sixth, if there is a cost, I will list it in the meetup and or charge in advance along with the WEPAY fee.

Seventh, I assure you that I am NOT making money at this….actually quite the contrary.

I have a full time job and this is a fun thing for me and I hope I don’t sound like I am complaining as that is certainly not my intent here.

It is my intent to bring people together to meet and enjoy eachother’s company and form new friendships! That is what drives me. Seeing smiling faces of those having fun and enjoying themselves is the best feeling I can have. There are many close friendships that have developed and this also warms my heart.

I do not mind questions if it is to clarify some confusion, however, I do put a lot of time, energy and sometimes personal money into doing this.

(organizers pay Meetup $89.95 every 6 months to have up to three sites + supplies, wrist bands, balloons, & shortfalls)

All I am asking is that before you ask a question, that might already be spelled out in the meetup, PLEASE take the time to CAREFULLY read it completely. (Sometimes it is not clear when reading from your phone can poke the arrow at the top on your phone and "read on web" or "read on desktop". Or just go to a desktop or tablet.) I am hoping you do some of the work on your own before asking what is already there.

If there are any constructive suggestions as to how I can make things clearer then please private message me.

If you have a complaint I would also like to hear from you in private as well. Please don't post them on a meetup. I do not want negativity in the group and I have and will do all that I can to avoid that. I do remove people who are not polite or are not a good fit with group.

With all of that said, I love love love this group of wonderful people and hope 2016 is even more fun for all.

This is YOUR group….please help me make it greater!!

I am not fond of no shows and will remove you from the group if you have 2 no show. Please if something comes up, have the courtesy to change your RSVP to no!


I am getting tougher on NO SHOWS! If there are restaurant reservations and or a waitlist and you do not bother to show up you will be immediately removed for 3 months at which time you will be allowed to rejoin if you so desire. I know that things do come up in life and I just need to hear from you and I will wave based on reason. I am tired of the NO SHOWS. I sometimes have to give my credit card to guarantee a number. That goes for many fine restaurants. If you do not show up it reflects bad on me, our group and Meetup in general. Do not double book. A good way to remember your COMMITMENT is to put it on your personal calendar. In the app for Meetup you can click on the symbol next to the event and it will ask to add to calendar! I STRONGLY suggest that you use this feature.

My time as well as yours and all of my member is valuable, please be respectful of that.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and thank you all for being so supportive.


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