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Hi! Welcome to Find Your Passion!

Are you...
- You are looking for passion, for direction or simply to know what you want.
- You have a passion and are working towards it, and wish for a community of people who are also doing the same.
- You want to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life
- You want to get out of the normal routine 9-5. You want more than just a job or study.
- You want to have a make friends and have deeper and more meaningful connections with your friends, family and even strangers on the streets.

If you say yes to any of the above, welcome to join in!

This group is created for you to be yourself and live your dreams. Come out of the society expectations, out of your own expectations to explore and discover what it is like to truly be your own person and to step onto your own path.

Here, you meet like-minded friends whom you can hangout with, have deeper conversations and ask questions too.

"To Be Yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are open to collaborate on this platform with speakers or workshop leaders who are ready to share on the subject and open new possibilities through a different approach (motivation speech, meditation, psychology, etc.).

Join us and start living the story of your life!

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Understand Yourself and Others Through Profiling

Understand Yourself and Others Through Profiling You work hard in your job and wonder why your boss keeps promoting others who only seem to know how to ‘talk’. You get into arguments with your loved ones and feel frustrated when they don’t seem to ‘get’ you. You meet new people and feel awkward because you are unsure about how to interact with them. ----- What if there was a way for you to understand better what your boss needs, so that you can get the promotion you deserve? What if you could build deeper connections with your loved ones and enable them to understand you? What if you are able to gain more confidence in interacting with new people and have great conversations with them? All these are possible when you have a better understanding of the other person and yourself. ----- Our profiling workshop will allow you to understand a person’s personality and how best to interact with them, based on your own personality. We will show you how you can do that through a short conversation. And you can use this daily with your loved ones, your friends, your boss, your colleagues and your clients. When You Learn How to Profile, You Can: - Assess someone quickly from ONE conversation (no need for a 100-pg questionnaire) - Enhance your clarity when you perceive others - Develop your foresight in anticipating others' needs - Deepen your understanding of the person continuously as you interact Come join us for an interactive group session, where we’ll give you the techniques and hands-on experience on how to profile someone. ----- Workshop Details: Date: 28 June, Friday Time: 7:30pm -10:30pm. Registration starts at 7pm Place: The 1 Space Investment: $25 ----- Why Should You Attend Our Workshop? - 3 solid hours of an experiential workshop - Real life demo - Practical learning through hands-on exercises - On-the-spot feedback - Peer learning with fellow participants Seats are limited, so register now to save a seat! To register and confirm your seat: 1) Provide your name, contact number & email here on meetup or https://forms.gle/cMDbZ11dW2MddMxN8 2) PayLah to Eugene at[masked] We look forward to a fun and fulfilling Friday evening with you. Your questions are welcome! WhatsApp or Call Eugene at[masked]

Let's Sing! A fun singing workshop

Goodman Arts Centre

Do you long to sing but believe you don’t have a good voice? Are you shy about singing in front of other people? Perhaps you sing well, but no matter what you try you can’t seem to make your voice better than it is. Imagine yourself at a karaoke session with your family, friends or colleagues, and singing your favorite song. What if you had the confidence to sing it with feeling, to find joy and fun in using your voice? What if instead of feeling awkward and shy, you are comfortable with your voice and expressing yourself? If you want to develop your voice and express yourself authentically, this workshop is for you! Let’s Sing! is a fun and interactive workshop for non-professional singers to improve their singing and overall vocal expression. Whether you’re a total beginner or have years of experience, we’ve got a variety of activities designed to develop your voice and help you express yourself authentically, so you may begin to discover your personal voice and singing style. Our voices are the channel through which we share our thoughts and feelings with the world. With our voices we have the ability to make ourselves heard and understood, which allows us to connect with others. Through singing, you can gain the confidence to use your voice - not only for singing, but also for communication with your loved ones, colleagues and people who matter to you. AND, you won’t be alone! You’ll have fun in a supportive space and meet new like-minded friends. :) In this 3.5-hour session, you will: - Improve your singing no matter which level you’re at! - Find confidence in expressing yourself - Connect to yourself and new friends through singing - Have fun and experience joy in self-expression - Connect to music and sing songs you enjoy About your instructor Shuying began her singing journey as a very soft-spoken and introverted person, unable to really speak her mind in front of people. Through honing her singing voice, she has been able to open up a lot more to perform in public, coach people in singing, and find connection to herself through music. She is now a vocal coach and certified life coach, using her skills to help people express themselves authentically. Visit her at http://voice.betterself.sg. Watch her sing here: https://youtu.be/F4AkjFqb7Ww Details on the workshop Date: 29 Jun 2019 (Sat) Time: 2pm to 530pm (please arrive at 1.45pm to register & settle in) Regular price: $79 Bring-a-friend: $59/pax Location: Goodman Arts Centre This workshop is by RSVP only, please RSVP to Shuying at[masked]. For testimonials and reviews of previous workshops, please visit http://voice.betterself.sg/workshops/

[Book discussion] The Road Less Travelled

Nana's Green Tea DUO Galleria

[Book discussion session. You don't need to read the book beforehand. By RSVP only.] We face many challenges in life. Some challenges are significant: Who to marry? What career path to take? How to balance work and life? How to progress in my career? What do I do with my life? While others are less significant: What brand of cereal to buy? What to eat for lunch? Where to go for my daily jog? Life presents us with problems all the time. Solving problems of increasing difficulty is how our lives progress. The more problems we solve, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more we are faced with larger challenges. It is a way of life, a basic truth. Yet many of us do not wish to face life’s challenges. We try to escape by numbing ourselves, or choosing pseudo-pleasures like travel or comfort food or even infatuation with members of the opposite sex. How can we truly face and overcome life’s challenges? How do we solve our problems? This is the key question tackled by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck’s seminal work, The Road Less Traveled. During the book discussion session, you will get: - A safe space to share your views without judgment - Facilitated discussion by a certified life coach - Like-minded people to support you - Fresh ideas to invigorate your thinking - Different perspectives to inspire you More on The Road Less Traveled: Perhaps no book in this generation has had a more profound impact on our intellectual and spiritual lives than The Road Less Traveled. With sales of more than seven million copies in the United States and Canada, and translations into more than twenty-three languages, it has made publishing history, with more than ten years on the New York Times bestseller list. Written in a voice that is timeless in its message of understanding, The Road Less Traveled continues to help us explore the very nature of loving relationships and leads us toward a new serenity and fullness of life. It helps us learn how to distinguish dependency from love; how to become a more sensitive parent; and ultimately how to become one’s own true self. Recognizing that, as in the famous opening line of his book, “Life is difficult” and that the journey to spiritual growth is a long one, Dr. Peck never bullies his readers, but rather guides them gently through the hard and often painful process of change toward a higher level of self-understanding. About your facilitator: Shuying is a certified coach. She has coached more than 135 clients in the areas of career, relationship, and fulfilment. Her clients have started businesses, built more loving relationships with people around them, and found authentic ways of expressing themselves. She blogs at betterself.sg on the topics of truth and self-discovery. Details of event: Date: 3 Jul 2019 Time: 730pm - 930pm Investment: $25 Location: Nana’s Green Tea at Bugis Duo RSVP: Shuying at[masked] Please note that this event is by RSVP only. Please let me know beforehand if you are attending. Interested but can't make it? Check out future sessions: 10 Jul - Zen and the Art of Making a Living (Part 1) 17 Jul - Zen and the Art of Making a Living (Part 2) View full schedule here: https://www.betterself.sg/events/

How to Find Purpose in Life

Nana's Green Tea DUO Galleria

[By RSVP only] Do you feel stuck in your job and yet you don't know what you want out of life? Do you feel that you are working so hard everyday and even though the money is decent, you often wonder what you are working so hard for? Do you no longer feel the joy in your life, and yet there’s a part of you which still desires more out of life? Do you want to have greater meaning in life, but you’re not sure where to start looking? You don’t have to feel stuck. You don’t have to feel alone. Life is a journey. When we are willing to look into ourselves, we can uncover the wonderful things life has in store for us, and start working on what we were meant to do. Deep down, you already know what you want to do. There is a calling within you, a voice telling you that there is more. There is a deeper joy, a deeper fufillment to be experienced. You know there is a life in which you can feel inspired, passionate, happy. You can have the life you dream of. All you need is to ignite the courage within you to do what you really want to do, and walk the path you were meant to walk on. And we are here to help you along the journey. Come join us for a cosy evening of facilitated discussion, where you’ll - Discover why you are stuck in the first place - Find out more about your life purpose - Gain awareness about your motivations - Gain clarity on how to move forward in life - Get a live Q&A with professional coach Facilitator: Shuying is a certified coach. She has coached more than 135 clients in the areas of career, relationship, and fulfilment. Her clients have started businesses, built more loving relationships with people around them, and found authentic ways of expressing themselves. She blogs at betterself.sg on the topics of truth and self-discovery. • Reading You can read the following articles to reflect on yourself before the session: http://www.betterself.sg/2018/02/how-to-find-your-path/ http://www.betterself.sg/2017/08/wasting-my-life/ http://www.betterself.sg/2019/02/choose-path-matters/ • Contribution $35 for facilitated session and drinks • Important to know By RSVP only, please RSVP to Shuying @[masked] if you're attending.

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[Book discussion] The Crossroads of Should and Must

Nana's Green Tea DUO Galleria

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