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Hi! Welcome to Find Your Passion!

Are you...
- You are looking for passion, for direction or simply to know what you want.
- You have a passion and are working towards it, and wish for a community of people who are also doing the same.
- You want to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life
- You want to get out of the normal routine 9-5. You want more than just a job or study.
- You want to have a make friends and have deeper and more meaningful connections with your friends, family and even strangers on the streets.

If you say yes to any of the above, welcome to join in!

This group is created for you to be yourself and live your dreams. Come out of the society expectations, out of your own expectations to explore and discover what it is like to truly be your own person and to step onto your own path.

Here, you meet like-minded friends whom you can hangout with, have deeper conversations and ask questions too.

"To Be Yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are open to collaborate on this platform with speakers or workshop leaders who are ready to share on the subject and open new possibilities through a different approach (motivation speech, meditation, psychology, etc.).

Join us and start living the story of your life!

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How to find the right direction and unstuck your life

Online event

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result." - Albert Einstein It's been a few years out of school now. You're in the workforce and supposed to be an adult. Yet you still seem to be bumbling about in life. COVID-19 has trapped us at home for half a year now, away from friends and the activities you used to distract yourself with. The alone time has caused you to ponder deeper. And rising from that ponder is a sense of uneasiness. You're in your mid-20s, or even just hitting the big 30. Maybe you're stuck in the same job for 3-4 years. Maybe you've changed a few jobs. Regardless, you feel life could be something just a little more. You've mindlessly read articles trying to find a piece that will give you the comfort you need. You've spoken to a friend or two, but you just don't know the right answer to your questions. You feel like you are not in control of your own life. Why is it you are always like a piece of driftwood, floating aimlessly on the surface of the ocean. If the wind blows north, you float north. If the tidal waves crash south, you float south. It's not that you can't propel yourself toward a certain direction. You know you can. But you just don't know where to. You try to drown your lack of answers in a never ending Netflix binge. While it makes you forget your sense of lostness for a little while - who doesn't like a good movie - the questions keep coming back. Sometimes subtle, sometimes strong. Finally you say, enough is enough. How can you breakthrough that stuckness you are facing? A stuckness in your purpose. Your relationships. Your career. And make the right choices to propel you to a better future. Join us in this experiential workshop and equip yourself with the right tools to steer your life in the right direction. No BS, straightforward, honest talk. These are exact steps we have used ourselves and on our clients to help them achieve breakthroughs in life, career and relationships. You will ✅ Deepen your understanding about what works and what doesn't work for you ✅ Learn about a powerful fundamental framework to view your life in a different lens ✅ Gain insight into the reasons why people get stuck and how they get unstuck WHO IS THIS NOT FOR? - You are comfortable where you are at and don't see a urgent need to improve - You dismiss problems rather than work through them - You are looking for a motivational workshop to feel good about yourself WHO IS THIS FOR? - You are coachable - You are willing to take ownership of you life - Your are tired of excuses and are committed to make a change - You are ready to embrace the next stage of growth -------------------------- Details Date: 29 Oct, Thursday Time:[masked]pm * Please note that this is an online event conducted through Zoom. In order to maintain a conducive space for the event, we will be sending you a how-to guide upon registration. Zoom link will only be released to confirmed attendees. Click RSVP and leave your contact number. We will send the zoom link via WhatsApp. For more info, contact Yan @[masked]

Online Workshop: Overcome Shyness Through Singing!

Online event

When you speak in front of a group, do you feel nervous? Are you worried about saying the wrong thing and being judged? And now that most of our interactions are online - do you feel awkward being on camera with everyone’s attention on you? Each of us experiences different levels of shyness, depending on the situation and who you’re with. You might be completely un-shy when you’re hanging out with your close friends, but struggle to express yourself with your family members. You might be friendly and sociable in the workplace, but get tongue-tied at an event with strangers. You might be comfortable chatting with one other person, but addressing a group makes you tremble. In this safe and encouraging virtual space, here’s your chance to take your first steps toward overcoming shyness and improving your self-expression! In this 2-hour workshop, you will: • Gain confidence in expressing yourself • Get specific feedback and coaching for your voice • Improve your singing no mater which level you’re at • Receive support and encouragement from like-minded people • Have fun and experience joy in self-expression Our voices are the primary channel through which we share our thoughts and feelings with the world. With our voices we have the ability to make ourselves heard and understood, which allows us to connect with others. Through singing, you can gain the confidence to your use voice - not only for singing, but also for communication with your loved ones, colleagues, and people who matter to you. During this time, take this chance to become a more un-shy YOU by improving your voice and self-expression! Details Date: Sat 14 Nov Time:[masked]pm (Singapore time, GMT +08) Location: Online, Zoom link provided upon RSVP Investment: $45 SGD - Get your tickets here: https://overcomeshyness14nov.eventbrite.com - OR Paypah/PayNow to[masked] For more info: WhatsApp MaryAnn @ [masked] About your vocal coach: MaryAnn is a vocal coach and an artist proficient in various means of creative expression, having spent her life exploring different paths in the arts - creative writing, acting, and singing. In her final semester as a Songwriting major in the U.S., MaryAnn enrolled in a drawing class and reconnected to her childhood artist dream. In early 2013, she organised her first solo exhibition within 2 months, thus launching her career as a visual artist. While she’s currently on a mission to paint 100 murals around the world, she’s also a vocal coach and a creative coach, drawing from her experiences and creative proficiencies to connect people with their dreams and aspirations, thus allowing them to discover unique and authentic means of expressing themselves. Watch MaryAnn sing at http://maryannloo.com/singing Here’s what previous participants had to say: “I’ve been in the singing journey with MaryAnn for quite a while. MaryAnn is very perceptive when it comes to the performer’s psyche and I found that I could work with her well discussing my inner motivations for singing a song and with her input, formulate a deeper connection to the song." “Before vocal coaching with MaryAnn, my voice was soft and it was hard for me to sing the high notes. I was shy at first, but I found it to be more fun and enjoyable after each session. Now I can sing the way I feel like and not feel embarrassed, and I’m happier!” “MaryAnn is very perceptive when it comes to the performer's psyche and I found that I could work with her well discussing my inner motivations for singing a song and with her input, formulate a deeper connection to the song.” “A fun way to spend an afternoon, connecting with your own music and the music of others.” “Really enjoyed the session with these wonderful instructors.” Get your tickets here: https://overcomeshyness14nov.eventbrite.com - OR Paypah/PayNow to[masked]

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