What we're about

"Talent can only be expressed when you have the knowledge to unlock it!" Meaning, MANY of you are creative people that have images locked inside you minds that only YOU can create! That's God given "Talent", the imagination. However, without KNOWLEDGE of HOW to create those images, they will forever stay locked in your mind and never realized as an image for all to see and admire.
"Talent is God given, ABILITY is knowledge learned!" That's what we are here for!
This group is her to TEACH in a TRUE way. I have been a commercial/professional photographer for over 20 years! I have invested and built a 2,100 sq ft studio complete with all the PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING you will need to LEARN photography.
Profoto, Kinoflo, Arri, are all HERE, and I am here to TEACH you how to do it all!
If you want to BE a photographer, you have to BECOME a photographer first. This is a process.
Photography at its core is math. Learn the math. Then we learn, "Aftermath", which are all the fun ways to bend light and create shadows once we know the math!
Join us, sign up for classes and shoots, and LEARN! BECOME a REAL photographer. UNLOCK THE TALENT!

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