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Network Marketing Companies are bountiful these days and if we are to believe what we see on Facebook - there is money to be made. What do today's network marketing companies truly have to offer? Whether you're thinking about using this model to sell YOUR OWN product, already part of one, thinking about joining one, or just intrigued, you won't want to miss the meetup on this controversial topic!

As always, FME is a NO SELL zone. So there won't be any product available. Kids are welcome as always.

Our main speaker is Micheline Kiresbom and we also have Founding Moms Members Romielyn Joson and Michele Gachowski on hand to share their personal experiences about running this type of business.

More about our Speakers:

Micheline Kiresbom

Micheline is a wife and mother of 17 year old twins and a 13 year old. She has an MBA and worked in advertising & brand strategy prior to kids. She stayed home for 8 years before deciding it was time to take some pressure off of her husband, who was killing himself as a stockbroker keeping early morning hours. Micheline has been an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International for nearly 6 years earning the top level in about 3 years. She has 10 VPs in her successline and her team generates close to $5m in volume for the company annually. Micheline is a strong advocate for all network marketing companies and helping others to start similar businesses of their own. In her free time, Micheline enjoys skiing with her family, working out, and teaching people how to get healthy.

Romielyn Joson

Mother of 6 year old witty dancer and a wife of a sports fanatic who has a fling for style, Romielyn finds herself pretty occupied and surrounded with happy and love. As a co-owner of businesses tied into construction, she has found balance with venturing into the wedding industry, and recently her passion with parenting up with the Dr's of Proactiv in their new Anti-Aging line to fill her girly side. When not dabbling in entrepreneurship, you will most likely find Romielyn connecting and collecting gently worn children's shoes for her organization which distributes collected shoes to street children in third world countries such as the Philippines and Africa.

Michele Gachowski

I started using Neal's Yard Remedies in the early 90's when I traveled to London for work. From the moment I walked into the Covent Garden store I was impressed. The fabulous blue bottles, the amazing products and the apothecary all were to my liking.

Several years ago I left my job to raise my two boys. One of the greatest decisions I made. The only downside was that I wouldn't be able to get my Neal's Yard Products in London anymore. To help fill that void I was using Boots products from Target because Boots is from the UK. This is where the similarity ends. NOTHING compares to Neal's Yard Remedies.

In December of 2009 one of moms from my son's school had a Neal's Yard Remedies bag. I ran over to her and asked her how and where she got it. She said she sells it, so I followed her home and got my first order. The next month I was ordering more products from her so she mentioned that NYR Organic has a great business opportunity. The timing was perfect. I was overdue for some amazing skincare products, as well as looking to get back to work. I knew that I would either be making money or saving money by working as a NYR Organic consultant. So here I am.

Working for such an amazing company has really changed my life. I am aware now of things that I didn't notice before, such as the effect that my shopping decisions have on my life and my family. Everyone in my family is now eating better and taking better care of themselves. And the best part is we all smell great doing it!