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Are you a game designer looking for high-quality feedback on your projects? Are you an avid fan of games of all kinds who enjoys picking apart a game and understanding how it works?

We want to help local designers create their best games by giving them an opportunity to play them with real people. From mechanisms, presentation, or pacing through to balance, rules writing, or finding that elusive fun factor, we’re focused on iterating and improving.

Everyone is welcome: whether you’ve published a game or are just formulating your first idea; whether you’re a game enthusiast or just discovered you enjoy playing games. If you’re willing to share your project, to play games that may not work, or both, please join us at the table.

We meet regularly to play new games, then discuss the experience and give constructive feedback. While we are mostly focused on tabletop games, we’ll do our best to facilitate your needs. Have a video game that needs some testing or a roleplaying game that would benefit from multiple play sessions? We can try to set up specific events, just for your game.

Join now and help us create better games in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.

PS -- If you're into playing tabletop games, check out our other Meetup group, Fraser Valley Gamers (https://www.meetup.com/Fraser-Valley-Gamers/).

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Playtests and Prototypes
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We run Playtests and Prototypes to play new games, then discuss the experience and give constructive feedback to the designer(s). We want to help local designers create their best games, so come be part of the process.

At every event we’ll play 2 different games in 90-minute slots. This gives each designer at least an hour to share their game and have time for feedback afterward. We want to help as many designers as possible, so if more than 2 designers are available for an event, we’ll draw 2 games at random. We’ll also favour games that haven’t seen play recently. 90 minutes isn’t perfect for every game, but this gives us a baseline to start with. If your game really is a special case, reach out to an organizer.

Here are the games we expect to play…

So far, no designers have submitted a game. That doesn’t mean the event is cancelled, so stay tuned...

If you’re a Playtester…

• You only need to bring a good attitude and enthusiasm: these games are unfinished works-in-progress. The designers want your thoughtful, constructive feedback.
• Take a look below at the games available to play, follow links for more detail, and ask some questions in the comments.
• After playing a game, you’ll share your input verbally, on a written feedback form, or both.

If you’re a Designer...

• Make sure your game has been registered in our database (http://bit.ly/2fOLZDT) and mention in the comments that you’ll be bringing it to the event so we can post your game details ahead of time.
• Bring your game and have it setup and ready to play before your time slot. Come early if you need extra time.
• Your attitude and enthusiasm are just as important as the playtesters: you may hear things about your game that are challenging. Sharing yourself and your creation is hard, but don’t take the critique personally: we’re all on the same team.
• Answer playtester questions in the comments.
• Spend time on other designers’ games, too. We want to support each other and share our skills, so offer as much as you receive: if 4 people playtest your game for 1 hour, that’s 4 hours that you can give to other designers.

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Designers and Playtesters Unite!

Starbucks (McCallum and No. 1)

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