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Price: $5.00 /per person
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If you plan to attend, please RSVP and make all comments on the main event linked above! This Event posting is for situational awareness, and not for seat reservation!

Welcome back Pathfinders!

For those of you who attended the first PFS Gamezilla weekend, I hope you all had a great time! But now it is time for the gameday monster to rise again, as GAMEZILLA 2: THE ZILLA STRIKES BACK!

Again, our focus event will be running the GenCon 2013 Pathfinder Society Special: Siege of the Diamond City. This event promises to be a good one, and if you didn't get a chance to experience it at GenCon 2013, you don't want to miss it again! If we get at least 15 tables we will also be eligible for prize support from Paizo again, and some of the new exclusive convention boons for our players and GMs!

Major differences for GAMEZILLA 2
Size: We are reserving the back room of Games and Stuff as a for a large scale event. How large scale exactly? That depends on participation. We fit 8 tables in 1/3 of the backroom space, so with the full size of the room I'm anticipating a max of 16. That would be a max of 112 Pathfinders in one room!

Cost: To cover the cost of the room and reserving it for our devices, I'm going to have to charge for the event. That being said, our cost will be $5 for the entire event. Play one session or all three, still only $5. I think it's fairly reasonable and will give us access to the HQ desk and the AV equipment in the room (we're gonna need it trust me)

GOBLIN ATTACK: This short 1 hour, 5 part, delve introduces new players to the basic combat mechanics of Pathfinder in one of 5 combat encounters. I am trying to get support to run this at GAMEZILLA 2. Completing all five parts (which takes 4-5 hours roughly) will grant a special PFS boon!

So for now, I'm looking for VOLUNTEERS! and PLAYERS! and SCENARIO SUGGESTIONS!

P.S. Sheila Heidmarch will NOT be present in ANY form for the special.

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