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This is a group for all Campers who want to get together and code collaboratively. We will set regular Meetups but feel free to plan your own and get together! This is a very open group dedicated to helping everyone learn together.

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Santa Clara freeCodeCamp Meetup

Northside Branch Library

Be sure to check out my other meetup: https://www.meetup.com/GarageScript Learn to code with us! freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization of people learning to code. Meet fellow campers and either work on your own or collaborate with another. Everyone is welcome! Please let me know if you would like me to pick a topic and talk about it on Saturday. You can practice doing a presentation in front of us also : )

Coding Study Group (Python, R, Webpage, AI, Data Science, Bioinformatics, etc)

======================================================================= DO NOT RSVP HERE!!! Please use the link below to register through the PyLadies MeetUp page: https://www.meetup.com/PyLadiesSF/events/ More details about the meetup can be found by following the link above. ======================================================================= This is a weekly Study Group for anyone who wants to improve their coding abilities. You will be able to code quietly, get help, help others, and learn. People of all identities are welcome. We offer two weekly Workshops: (1) Deep Learning, (2) Introductory Python. See link below to learn more. JOIN SLACK - To join the PyLadies Slack Workspace go to http://slackin.pyladies.com/ then join the study group channel "sunday10-2_sf". This meetup is run according to the PyLadies Code of Conduct: http://www.pyladies.com/CodeOfConduct/ About Holberton School Holberton School is a community-driven school. We train full-stack software engineers in two years, using peer and project-based learning. Most of our keynotes and meetups are open to the community. Read more on the website (https://www.holbertonschool.com/)

PyClass - Introductory and Intermediate Python


PyClass is an introductory Python course run by the Noisebridge community. It helps students solve common programming problems while learning about the language. More information can be found on the wiki: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/PyClass This event is also posted on Noisebridge's Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/noisebridge/events/dznhtqyzfbhc/ (recurring, beginning Monday, March 25, 2019)

freeCodeCamp @ Noisebridge


freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization teaching anyone to code. Learn with our full stack curriculum, available entirely online: http://www.freecodecamp.com/ Our host this week, Noisebridge, is a non-profit hackerspace and educational institution intended for public benefit. https://noisebridge.net/ Let's code together! Everyone is welcome! If this is your first time visiting Noisebridge, try to make it before 12pm so everyone can get a tour together. Feel free to stop by any time after 11am. Noisebridge has many free coding and other classes after 6pm and we encourage freeCodeCampers to try them out. :)

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freeCodeCamp Study Group @ BradfieldCS

Bradfield School of Computer Science

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