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Welcome to the SF Hypnosis & NLP Practice Group for novices to experienced hypnotists, and for people who are just downright curious about hypnosis.

This is a hands-on group, providing an opportunity to practice hypnosis inductions and produces hypnotic phenomena. So you get competent very quickly. You will alternate between being the hypnotist and being the subject during each practice session, unless you want to be only a subject.

Currently the emphasis will be on the non-therapeutic aspects of hypnosis. Self Hypnosis, rapid inductions, instant inductions, convincers, tests for somnambulism, classic hypnotic phenomena, impromptu hypnosis, street hypnosis, NLP

The goal of this group is to increase knowledge and familiarity with our minds, develop tools that allow for more options, choices, and personal power, and to create personal change, growth, healing, recreation, and unique memorable experiences, utilizing hypnosis & NLP skills and knowledge.

Typical structure of SF Free Hypnosis Practice Group: The meetup will start with everyone introducing themselves. Please, keep introductions short. Generally speaking, the meet up will have either a live or video demonstration of a specific hypnotic technique, then time for everyone to practice that technique.

As part of each practice, both the hypnotist and subject will discuss their experiences with each other. Time allowing, there will be a discussion at the end of the meetup where attendees' experiences can be shared with the entire group.

As Milton Erickson father of modern hypnosis used to say "if you fall on your face, at least you're going in the right direction."

Tom Houle

Phone: 707-470-9849

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