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In this meetup we will be exploring Deep Trance Identification (DTI for short). In past meetups we have been acquiring the skills to lead someone into trance and now, in this meetup, you get to lead someone into trance and then, while in trance, lead them through the DTI experience.

What is DTI? Consider this, is there someone who has some skills you would like to acquire or maybe you want to acquire their beliefs or attitudes or some other qualities? Now you can with DTI.

Want to acquire the hypnotic skills of the great Milton Erickson? Now you can through DTI. Do you present on stage and would like to be more like Tony Robbins? DTI with Tony and you will find yourself behaving just like him on stage. Is there a sports figure, perhaps a tennis player who has got some serious skills you want? No problem, DTI with them in order to up your game and play like them. Do you sell for a living and would like to have the selling skills of some famous successful salesperson? Now you can!

You can DTI with anyone, living or dead and acquire their skills and beliefs and attitudes as your own. It is a simple process. The hypnotist will guide you into trance, and then lead you through the DTI process, then lead you back out into reality along with your new skills.

Our own Greg Turner will present. He will:
1. Talk about what DTI is all about
2. Do a demo with someone from the group so you can see how it is done
3. Give precise instructions about how to do it, with a hand-out
4. We will break up into pairs to practice the DTI hypnotic process on each other

Come prepared with someone in mind whose skills you want to have in your life. And leave the meetup pleasantly surprised with what you will be able to do. If you've never been to the meetup before and don't know how to hypnotize someone, no worries. Come anyway. There will be lots of help available so you can learn.

Once you get an idea of how to do DTI, the possibilities are endless. You can DTI with your future much improved self and acquire your future abilities now. You can even DTI with an animal or some figure from mythology or science fiction. I wonder what would happen if a married couple DTI with each other? This is going to be a fun learning experience, on a lot of levels.