Ernest Rossi's Mirroring Hands Technique

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Have you ever wanted a way to help someone make a change with hypnotherapy that is fail safe and content free and provides honest to goodness ideo-motor signaling with the person's Non-Conscious mind? Have you tried to use arm levitation and never gotten it to work and felt bad about it?

Or maybe you would like to do content free work with a client and have not been able to figure it out?

Or maybe you just don't know what to do with a client and wish you could turn the whole healing session over to the client's Non-Conscious mind?

Ideo-motor signaling with a person's Non-Conscious mind working in a fail safe content free way is the promise of Ernest Rossi's Mirroring Hands Technique. It is a type of client-responsive therapy that provides natural problem solving and mind body healing. It truly is a way to help the client access their Non-Conscious mind. Milton Erickson's student Bill O'Hanlon says that this technique "can eliminate any resistance you may encounter in the change process and can evoke deep inner wisdom, often in a very short time."

The Mirroring Hands technique is also very easily adapted to working by yourself with your own inner non conscious intelligence.

Ernest Rossi was in his twenties having just received a PhD in Psychology when he went to visit the famous medical doctor and hypnotherapist Milton Erickson in 1972 and ended up working closely with Erickson right up until Erickson's passing in 1980. He worked diligently with Erickson for those 8 years learning hypnosis and editing the entire collection of Erickson's written work. During that time with Erickson, Rossi distilled the essence of change work into what he now calls the Mirroring Hands Technique.

During our two hours together, we will learn this exciting way to do hypnotic work with lots and lots of time to pair up and practice this technique with each other. You will learn the language patterns that make the Mirroring Hands Technique a technique that you can't fail at. You don't have to be an expert at inducing trance in another, so this technique can be used by both the experienced and not so experienced hypnotist. Join us to do the drills and get the skills!

Our Presenter:
Greg Turner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Novato. He has been a fan and student of Milton Erickson's way of doing hypnosis since first learning about Erickson in the late 70's. Greg made it his mission to study with people who had directly studied with Milton Erickson.