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The Carleton Skill Training Program was a program developed in the late 1980s at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. It is a program for developing and increasing the hypnotic suggestibility of participants.

Most people involved in the hypnotic arts would agree that experiencing some sort of automatic behavior while in trance is the hallmark of a hypnotic trance. Typical examples of this are arm levitation, forgetting one's name, or visually hallucinating something that is really not there. The Carleton Skill Training Program, originally written as the doctoral dissertation of Donald Gorassini, outlines an explicit, verifiable, step by step procedure to increase the hypnotic suggestibility of a person so that they can actually experience one of these trance experiences.

A genuine hypnotic experience has great value in hypnotherapy because it gives the power of belief to the client. It has the client believing that there really is something to this hypnosis thing, that the suggestions of healing given by the hypnotist are really going to work.

Greg Turner will explain this program in a way that is understandable by all. After the explanations, we will pair up to practice with each other, increasing our suggestibility and perhaps experiencing a true hypnotic experience like arm levitation. If you have never experienced something like genuine arm levitation, now is your chance. You will take away tools to help increase the hypnotic suggestibility of those who want to be hypnotized by you.

Our Presenter:
Greg Turner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Novato. He has been a fan and student of Milton Erickson's way of doing hypnosis since first learning about Erickson in the late 70's. Greg is always seeking out new hypnotic techniques to increase the effectiveness of his hypnosis with clients.