Sweat Lodge: Release spiritual blockages and Heal Karmic Debt - Ceremony

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Price: $30.00 /per person
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To begin, please enjoy this powerful guided meditation. - https://youtu.be/q45kKfMTHNs

11.30a.m.: Meet and great
11.45a.m: Smudging and prayer/ setting intentions
12.30p.m - 1.15.p.m: Sweat Lodge ceremony
1.20p.m--Sharing, questions, group counseling if needed and event ends by 2.00p.m.

Sweat lodge requirements and policies

 If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or any other type of heat-related allergies, please do not sign up for the sweat lodge ceremonies. If you decide to attend the ceremony, you will be responsible for the consequences.
 Consult your physician about attending this ceremony because your health is your responsibility.
 Do not attend this ceremony if you are suffering from digestive issues like diarrhea, etc. in the past 3 days, as this may become a larger issue for yourself and may result in serious health problems.
 Do not consume alcohol or drugs at least 2 days prior to attending ceremony. Physically, alcohol and drugs will dehydrate and disorient you, preventing you from achieving any real insights or breakthroughs. Spiritually, alcohol and drugs have the potential of interfering with connecting to your spirit guides, which can prevent you from reaching your goal.
 Shower before attending ceremony. Note that cleanliness helps the detoxifying process and speeds up spiritual expansion.
 Wear light, clean and comfortable clothing.
 Bring 2 towels (1 for the ceremony and 1 for after to dry off), extra clothes for your comfort as well. You may find it difficult remaining in wet clothes after the ceremony, where we will discuss our experiences and the transitioning process to follow.
 Be aware that, at this time, we cannot offer showers to wash off after ceremony.
 Do not wear any strong scented perfumes, colognes or deodorants.
 Refrain from eating strong foods like garlic and onion the day of ceremony. When these foods (perfumes) are released trough the course of sweating they become engrossed by everyone present and this can be uncomfortable.
 Be prepared to let go of a lot of things like bad memories, personal blockages, fears, worries, concerns and limiting beliefs.
 Bring an open mind and an open spirit.
 Ladies, please be free of “moon” issues
~ Please bring two bottles of water.

In a nutshell, the benefits of a sweat lodge include, but are not limited to the following:

~ Physical Detoxification & Healing – the body is provided with antibacterial and wound-healing benefits.

~ Mental Purification & Healing – the mind is freed of distractions, offering clarity of thought.
~ Spiritual Healing – it allows for introspection and connection to the earth, to the planet and to the spirit world.

Please send me an email at [masked] if you have questions and I will respond within 12 hours.