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Alert! Due to the pandemic, and for the safety of attendees and our membership, Freeside requires masks to be worn at all events. We know it's annoying, but we really do care about keeping our folks and friends alive, so please be aware and do your part. Genuine thanks!

Freeside is a Makerspace for hackers, designers, artists, students, and hobbyists in Atlanta, Georgia. We host lots of classes and projects to help people learn, network, and make their ideas a reality.

We are a non-profit organization with a space that features a classroom, 3D printers, an electronics lab, co-working space, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, machining tools, a media lab, and and an auto bay. Members and non-members can make use of the space for art, projects, and education.


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Upcoming events (5)

Makerspace Open House

Freeside Atlanta

Freeside Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing a space for engineers, programmers, inventors, artists, and lunatics to collaborate. We host this meeting a couple of times a month on Tuesday so that people can check us out, chat with our members, and get together to plan projects, events, and classes.

We'll do a quick meeting to introduce everyone, we'll update folks on the progress of projects and equipment in the space, announce classes and events, and occationally feature a 10-20 minute talk by a guest lecturer on an interesting subject. Afterwards, we'll break out into a more informal open house so people can chat, take a tour, and check out some of the cool stuff around the space.

You can also check out our photo tour at: https://www.meetup.com/Freeside-Atlanta/about

If you need any help or have a question, just email us at [masked].

Vertical Mill - Precision Fabrication

Freeside Atlanta


A class showing how to create complex, accurate parts with a vertical milling machine, covering rigid and delicate setup styles, digital position feedback and part metrology.
Your parts are good... but they can be better!

Prerequisite: Vertical Mill - Safety and Basic Use .

Topics covered:
-tramming and verification of base functions
-touching off in XY, Z - different methods
-backlash and manual dials' function
-quill depth stop and verification
-DRO operation, features
-setup and positional tolerance of workholding
-part inspection with calipers and micrometers
-finish grading

Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes, and bring safety glasses.
Tooling and materials will be supplied by the venue- though you're welcome to bring your own if you have a specific operation/job in mind.

Freeside Buildout

Freeside Atlanta

Freeside is having a build-out! Freeside members get to flex their right to hack on the space infrastructure and hack Freeside itself into a collective vision. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to come and help us hack the space! We could always use extra hands for buildouts and are happy to show you around the space.

Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and fitted clothing, and be ready to get your hands dirty! Freeside has safety goggles and ear protection, but feel free to bring your own.

We will pretty much be there all day, come when you can.

Some of the projects we're focusing on include:
• Building temporary walls
• Shifting major tools around the shop
• Welding and constructing the auto bay ramp
• Grinding the front concrete floor to prep it for epoxy
• Workshop cleanup and organization.
• Proving P is equal to NP.
• Squaring the circle.
• . . . And more to be announced!

Come out and hack on the space with us!

Learn Basic Soldering - Build a Kit!

Freeside Atlanta


Learn how to make soldering less painful and practice with a useful kit like an alarm clock or radio.

some topics covered:
-which end is hot
-why flux is good
-how to not fry components
-when to reflow instead
-how to recondition tips
-why replacing tips is better
-how tiny alligators are our friends
-why brass brillo is best
-how to heat shrink
-why crimp connectors are untrustworthy
-how to make crimp connectors better
-2 ways to desolder

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