What we're about

Freeside is a Makerspace for hackers, designers, artists, students, and hobbyists in Atlanta, Georgia. We host lots of classes and projects to help people learn, network, and make their ideas a reality.
We are a non-profit organization with a space that features a classroom, 3D printers, an electronics lab, co-working space, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, machining tools, a media lab, and and an auto bay. Members and non-members can make use of the space for art, projects, and education.
Alert! Due to the pandemic, and for the safety of attendees and our membership, Freeside is encouraging masks to be worn at all events. We know it's annoying, but we really do care about keeping our folks and friends alive, so please be aware and do your part. Genuine thanks!

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Upcoming events (4+)

3D Printing Basics

Freeside Atlanta


3D printing has become a very popular hobby in the maker community in the last decade. However, a lot of people still don’t know where to begin. This 3D printing basics class is a good place to start. It's run every other Saturday at 1pm and every other Tuesday 7:30pm.

3D Printing Basics covers the core areas of 3D printing you need to know about to begin 3D printing for yourself. Participants will learn concepts on how a 3D printer works, what different plastics are available, and other core concepts. Then, participants will learn about how to select a model for 3D printing, prepare it to be turned into instructions a 3D printer can use, and how to get those instructions to the printer. Finally, participants will learn some 3D printer maintenance like changing filament and cleaning a bed.

This class does NOT cover resin printing in great detail. A class for that is being worked on.

There are no requirements for this class other than bringing yourself. A print is started at the beginning of the class so participants can have something to bring home at the end of the class.

Freeside Buildout

Freeside Atlanta

Freeside is having a build-out! Freeside members get to flex their right to hack on the space infrastructure and hack Freeside itself into a collective vision. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to come and help us hack the space! We could always use extra hands for buildouts and are happy to show you around the space.

Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and fitted clothing, and be ready to get your hands dirty! Freeside has safety goggles and ear protection, but feel free to bring your own.

We will pretty much be there all day, come when you can.

Some of the projects we're focusing on include:
• Laying in dust collection for the workshop
• Sorting and storing recent donations
• Workshop cleanup and organization.
• Proving P is equal to NP.
• Squaring the circle.
• . . . And more to be announced!

Come out and hack on the space with us!

Women who Woodwork (or want to!)

Freeside Atlanta


This class is designed for women who have wanted to learn how to use power tools or improve the skill you currently have. You will learn how to use a circular saw, drill, and jigsaw and leave with a completed project. To quote a friend, "I can make anything with these 3 tools." My hope is that you will have the confidence to undertake wood working projects and repairs on your own. And have some fun doing it!

See you soon!

Make Your Own LED Cloud

Freeside Atlanta


Craft your own glowing cloud using the power of Arduino, LED strips, hot glue, and other household items!

This easy workshop walks you through the basics of using an Arduino microcontroller and pre-built libraries to control custom looks for LED strips. You will also learn the basics of soldering as there will be some hardware building involved. ⚡

At the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with a cool, glowy cloud that you can hang anywhere, basic knowledge of how to build an electronic circuit, and some sick new soldering skills.

If you have a laptop, please bring it with you for the coding section of the class. If you don't have one, never fear - the instructor will have a computer so you can upload code to the cloud.

Please be mindful that seating is limited and that extra supplies may not be available.

Past events (1,889)

Intro to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Freeside Atlanta