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Activities and Culture team meeting


Freeside Atlanta

675 Metropolitan Parkway Suite 6066 · Atlanta, GA

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Want to get involved at Freeside but don't know where to start? Are there improvements you'd like to make or things you'd like to change but you don't know who to talk to?

We decided to try a different approach to organizing things at Freeside in order to help people get involved, take small manageable bites of complex projects, and pool their resources and expertise to make our space and our community truly amazing.

This way, we can make tackling complex projects in fields like like Automation Control, Web Services, Security, Machine Learning, New Media & Design, Interactive Art Installations, Robotics, Project Management, etc... much easier.

Basically, we'll meet for an hour to discuss what we're gonna do, come up with a plan to get it done, and then start working. We'll meet for about an hour followed by a 2-3 hour hackathon-style work period where we'll put out beautiful brains together to get stuff done. Helping you will be several of our teachers, project managers, as well as a few Officers and Directors.

Bring your suggestions, project ideas, expertise, and resources and we'll bring ours!

Now, we've broken things up into three committees that meet the first, second, and third Saturdays of the month. This is the Activities and Culture committee meeting, but you can also check out the Marketing and Outreach or Safety and Risk Management if that's closer to what you'd like to get involved in.

Here's what we'd like to get done with this committee in the short term -

Manage the schedule for the space, organizing daily activities, recurring classes, project meetings, and Meetup access. Serve as the main point of contact for teachers and project managers, who can use the group to manage schedules, coordinate, and share resources and information. Create "How to..." guides and 101 classes for Freeside so people can learn how to get involved and how to Freeside like a boss. Help bring in new members. Improve the space with art projects, lighting improvements, interactive installations, and build-outs. Finish the MEME cabinet, out Meme-themed Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Improve the Auditorium and media center to fill the space with awesome music. Make musical stairs to the loft (because why wouldn't we do that?) Coordinate documentation and transparency efforts to pool into into a few central locations that easily sync with each other. Create different themed events and try them out. See what works and what doesn't. Find ways to help people connect and share!

Come check it out!