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Bicycle Repair 1: Changing a Flat Tire

Hosted by Freeside Atlanta

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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Flat tires happen to everyone. You may go a year, or you may go a week, but if you ride a bicycle, you're going to get one. But being prepared with the right tools and knowledge can turn a catastrophe into a minor inconvenience!

In this class, you'll learn the different types of flat tires (yes, there are different types, and not just glass vs. a nail), preventative maintenance, how to patch tubes, use tire levers... And even how to change a tire without any tools (other than a pump or CO2 inflator) at all.

Feel free to bring your own bicycle, and if you happen to have a set of tire levers or a flat repair kit that you just haven't learned how to use yet, bring that along, too.

Instructor: Amelia Shackelford
$20/student, $16 for Freeside members*
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