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Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism, and Energy

Hosted by Freeside Atlanta

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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New agenda!

First, we will review the basic laws of electricity, magnetism, force and energy. YouTube and the Internet in general is full of misinformation, hoaxes and nonsense when it comes to energy and how it all works.

Then, we will review some of the history of energy research. This will include the works and discoveries of Einstein, Maxwell, Tesla, Faraday and many other experimenters and theorists from the past to the present.

This will be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with 66 slides. The presentation is entertaining and educational. You will enjoy it!

We will not avoid discussing controversial aspects of the differences in the views of these larger-than-life individuals. The second night will be a continuation and expansion on the first night! (Attend one or both nights!)

Instructor: Wayne Salhany

$20/student, $16 for Freeside members*

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