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What we’re about

Welcome to the Freethought Society (FS)!

The Freethought Society (FS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization advocating the separation of church & state, freedom of religion for all, freedom from religious intrusion, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. As freethinkers, our minds are not constrained by superstitions or prescribed dogmas that tell us what we may or may not think. We are a group of atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, et al. who are interested in preserving the wall of separation between religion and government. We value critical thinking, the power of reason, we reject superstition/religious dogma.

FS advocates nontheist thinking because we have looked at the many theological systems that have been around since the beginning of time, and we have found them lacking. The goals of the Freethought Society are to raise awareness and acceptance of the non-theist community and provide fellowship and unique services to non-theists throughout the US and Canada.

Through a variety of events and activities, as well as monthly program meetings, FS serves as a forum in which freethinkers can learn, socialize and exchange ideas.

Our services include:

    Meetings - free & open to public (Social and Educational)

    A quarterly newsletter, available for free by pdf to supporters and all interested. Just send an email to to add your name to the distribution list.

    You can learn more about the Freethought Society’s many services and programs by visiting our website at

    Would you like to volunteer and work with us? Email for more information or to sign up.

Please visit our website at http://www.ftsociety.... for information, events, photos, services and newsletters 

This FtS meetup: 

Our online discussion group: 


Phone 610-793-2737

As a non-profit service organization, we can exist only with your generous support. You can donate online at http://www.ftsociety....

This meetup group will include all FS events. You do not have to be a member of FS to attend events or be a member of this meetup.

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