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The Pittsburgh French Meetup Group (http://www.meetup.com/FrenchLessons/) is one of the largest francophone groups in the Pittsburgh area. I started this group about 15 years ago as a way to help friends learn French. We host several classes - beginner - intermediate - and advanced - for which there is a small fee to attend.

We meet most weeks at various locations in Pittsburgh for fun, conversation, & exchange of ideas. These events are free for the most part. You are encouraged to be active and to suggest events and places - I can post them on the site.

Note: We ask that members fill out their profile so we know who you are. This helps members in getting to know each other - and discourages anonymous accounts for the use of spam, etc. Also: you need to add a picture of yourself before I can add you to the meetup.

Marc Snyder


Marc & Roula

About the organizers:

Marc Snyder has a PhD in French Literature & Western civilization from Stanford University.

Je suis un ancien élève de l'École Alsacienne (http://www.ecole-alsacienne.org/spip/) (Paris) - lycée près du Jardin du Luxembourg, et j'ai fait des études à Toulouse - Le Mirail - maintenant Jean Jaurès (http://www.univ-tlse2.fr/#m9710001905863763) et chercheur à Paris 7 Jussieu - maintenant l'Université Paris Diderot (http://www.univ-paris-diderot.fr). J'ai de la famille à Aix-en-Provence et des amis un peu partout! N'hésitez-pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions.

Roula Farah is Lebanese and teaches French and Arabic in the Mt Lebanon School district.

Upcoming events (5+)

Le français à la ronde - French conversation

Today's location will be Dobra Tea (corner of Beacon & Murray) - however locations will sometimes vary. Check back This is open to everyone - including Duolingo students - although the group tends to be intermediate+ The goal is to speak the beautiful language of Molière as well as a purely social event. En français autant que possible - conversations are in French as much as possible. Please comment below if you have suggestions/times/dates for future meetings.

MADE IN FRANCE - Int-Adv French Conversation @ Wexford Panera Breads

MADE IN FRANCE Bonjour! Je serai là ce soir. J’ai l’intention de lancer un nouveau programme axé sur le développement du vocabulaire et de la culture française. Apportez votre appareil favori ( iPad etc). Comme ça on pourra être plus vert. Marc This is a discussion group EN FRANCAIS for those (intermediate and higher) wishing to perfect their conversational French. I will bring materials for learning/teaching. This will include 1 song, but there will also be a chapters and articles from current magazines and news.

Adv Beg-Int French - Grammar review + reading

Panera Bread


Anyone who has completed a year of French or more and wants to attend is most welcome! In "Advanced Beg-Int French - Grammar review + reading" - we're going to be doing a bit of grammar study, review, etc using La Grammaire à l'oeuvre, by Barson - which is available online. - The link to the 5th edition is here: http://bit.ly/2sz5Ywt Chapters will be announced in the week before the class. Today we will be continuing with Chapter 3 of Barson's LA GRAMMAIRE A L'OEUVRE - L'interrogation. Homework is to go over and write about the "exercises de communication" p. 85-6 - Pick one or more exercises to present in class. Chapters will be announced in the week before the class.

First year French for total (or false) beginners with Immersion French

We are beginning a class for total beginners (or false beginners). I will be putting French in action on hold for a bit. For now I will be using a textbook we used @ Stanford in the 1980s-90s, Ralph Hester's DECOUVERTE ET CREATION. It is completely in French (as was the case with many textbooks of the era). The textbook and other materials are downloadable from my google drive account. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ltvkgo-VK8zakziWXFpN_isMLB-LXi56

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