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This workshop helps you become a better storyteller and to prepare to tell stories at events like Fresh Ground Stories (https://www.meetup.com/Fresh-Ground-Stories) or The Moth.

The workshop is free.

A diverse group of people attend with all levels of storytelling experience. Beginners are welcome!

This is a workshop and not a performance! Your story can be rough. Your presentation need not be polished. The vibe is friendly and low pressure. Unlike most live performance venues, you can use any support materials you desire such as notes or outlines.

During the workshop you will do two simple things:

• Tell a true story from your life that's up to 8 minutes long, then listen to feedback from your friendly fellow storytellers.

• Listen to others tell their stories, then briefly give them your personal feedback.

The workshops will be conducted online for the foreseeable future, usually on the first Sunday afternoon of the month.

These are comments from recent participants:

• "Wow! Great stories and incredibly helpful feedback!" Trish

• "What a great group! Loved it. I've discovered that storytellers are the best listeners." Ya-Ling

• "Thank you for hosting this workshop! Great info and new tips on how to tell stories on stage, and really nice and welcoming group of people." Laurie

• "Great to discuss storytelling techniques in a small group setting and practice with such supportive folks. I'll be back with my next story!" Carla

• "Last night I told my virtual dating story at the Moth. Wanted to thank everyone who provided valuable feedback at the workshop. I feel like I have a solid story and it felt good to share." Sarah

Dave Kreimer currently hosts and manages the workshop. He is a retired professional presenter and personal storytelling enthusiast, who is one of the "regulars" at Fresh Ground Stories, and occasionally tells his stories at The Moth.

Colleen Bollen, another Fresh Ground Stories "regular", also periodically co-leads the workshop.

Bill Bernat conceived and founded this workshop and hosted it for several years. He has won The Moth several times, is a TED speaker and regularly performs a one man show in Seattle entitled "Becoming More Less Crazy". He is the founder of Stay Awesome Media (https://stayawesome.com).

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November ONLINE Storytelling Workshop

Online event

Learn to craft a story you can feel proud telling in front of an audience!

Gain confidence publicly telling stories by practicing in a low-pressure environment!

Meet other dynamic interesting people who enjoy sharing about real, meaningful experiences in their lives!

Ideally, you will bring a story that you might like to tell at a storytelling event. Your story should be 8 minutes or less. It must be true and about you. For maximum impact it should revolve around a transformational moment and have stakes that help to hold the listeners attention.

This is a workshop, not a performance - your story can be rough. It can be written, outlined or in your head.

If you don't feel ready to tell a story, bring story ideas, a scene for a story, or questions. Everyone can provide feedback to the storytellers. And, if there is time, all have the opportunity to get feedback to help move to your next step.

Plan on having a great time listening to and telling stories with other motivated storytellers and learning the craft of storytelling.

You must RSVP to get the meeting login.

FYI - The meeting will be locked once the first storyteller begins, usually around 1:15.

This workshop is free and is aligned with the Fresh Ground Stories Storytelling Meetup Group with the mission to help people develop and practice telling personal narrative stories.

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October ONLINE Storytelling Workshop

Online event

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