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Meet other storytellers and all those who enjoy the art of personal storytelling. Inspired by The Moth http://www.themoth.org/podcast , we get together at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Olive Way Starbucks in Seattle to share true stories about our lives that somehow changed how we saw ourselves or the world around us.

If you're curious, you are free to come to the show whether you're a Meetup member or not. Visit our Rules and Guidelines (https://freshgroundstories.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/storytelling-rules-and-guidelines/) page to see what you'll need to do to tell a story. Join the group if you'd like to receive the monthly invites.

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FGS: Hard Knocks - Stories of lessons you didn't want to learn

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Hard-won wisdom. That’s redundant, right? Is it wisdom if you didn’t have to get knocked around a bit to learn it? For me, whatever wisdom I’ve learned has come with a nice helping of pain, shock, or embarrassment. It seems to be the only way I learn. Luckily, it’s very effective. If wisdom came with a slice of pie, it wouldn’t stick. When it’s delivered with a nail through the heart or a wrecking ball to the ego, I tend to remember it quite well.

December’s theme is, “Hard Knocks - Stories of lessons you didn’t want to learn.” Come tell a story on December 15 about a time when you learned a hard lesson. How did it happen? How did it change you? Did it involve pain, shock, embarrassment? All three?

Remember to practice your story out loud on as many people as possible and time yourself when you’re doing it. All stories have to be under 8 minutes. Stories can be as short as you want but not over 8 minutes. Stories also have to be clean in both language and content. Send me an email (freshgroundstories at Gmail dot com) if you have any questions about that.

The rest of the rules and guidelines are below:

I'll send out the Zoom info through Meetup on December 12. I'll also post it at https://freshgroundstories.com

Workshops are a great way to get feedback on a story you’re working on. Here is one I highly recommend. It’s run by two people who have told many times at FGS and other shows in the area: https://www.meetup.com/Fresh-Ground-Stories-Storytelling-Workshop/

I’m also happy to help anyone on a story. Send me an email and we can set up a phone call.

See you on December 15th at 7 pm on Zoom!

Freshgroundstories at gmail dot com

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