Rappahannock River Shad Run

This is a past event

9 people went

Fredericksburg VFW Post

2701 Freedom Lane, Rte 1 & Princess Anne, near Bridge · Fredericksburg, VA

How to find us

Look for my red Toyota Highlander in the VFW parking lot

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(A message will be posted at 6:00 AM on Monday 4/15/2019, to let every one know if this event will take place, or if it will be moved to the rain date.)

I will check water conditions online and determine if we can hold this event on Monday 4/15/2019.

This event has been limited to 10 people, since there is limited access to the river. Since there is a limit on the number of people attending, please keep your RSVP up-to-date.

There are often herons and ospreys feeding on the river during the annual shad run, so this event is about photographing birds. Bring your longest lens. A tripod or mono-pod is optional. It's a good idea to wear hiking shoes or at least shoes with good traction for the short walk to the river.

This event is being held on a weekday only this year, since there are usually only a few fishermen in the river Monday - Thursday. There are always lots of fishermen in the river from Friday - Sunday and they often prevent the birds from feeding close to the shore. I've also scheduled this event when the tide is mostly in. There seemed to be more birds in the river on the rising or high tide last year. Of course with wildlife photography, there's never a guarantee that the birds will show, but they are often at that location during the shad run.

The Rappahannock River shad run usually runs through the last two weeks of April and sometimes into the first week of May. The timing can be tricky, since weather and river conditions can effect the timing and intensity of the shad run. I will monitor conditions and change the date, if necessary. In the event of bad weather or poor river conditions, the backup dates will be on Monday 4/22/2019, or on Thursday 5/2/2019.

For those who attended the meet-up last year, it’s the same location.

The meeting time will be 6:45 AM at the corner of Freedom Ln and Caroline St across from the VFW. There's free parking in the gravel parking area along Freedom Lane across from the VFW. Please be on time. If you haven't been to the river location before, you may have trouble finding us.

High tide on 4/15/2019 - 5:08 AM, Sunrise is - 6:34 AM
High tide on 4/22/2019 - 9:57 AM, Sunrise is - 6:24 AM
High tide on 5/2/2019 - 6:25 AM, Sunrise is - 6:12 AM

If you RSVP with the intention of attending this event, please be sure to change your RSVP, if you later decide you will not be able to attend. All event hosts are volunteers and often spend a lot of time researching and setting up the event. Please be courteous and change your RSVP as soon as you know that you will not attend the event.

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