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Sunday Pickup Frisbee
MOVED UP TO 2PM DECEMBER & JANUARY (DAYLIGHT) Join us Sunday afternoons for a casual game of Ultimate Frisbee or just a bit of disc tossing and socialisation. Beginners are especially welcome. Because many of our regulars are a bit lazy, they don't RSVP here. Don't worry - we always have enough people to play. Check out the Amsterdam Ultimate Frisbee Facebook group for on-the-day information and any questions. F.A.Q. ------ 1) What if I’m out of shape or can’t throw a Frisbee? No problem, really! We’re a very casual group and get plenty of beginners. We’re happy to spread the joy and teach beginners the basics. We also rotate the teams to keep things even. 2) Can I arrive late? Honestly, most people come late. We don’t usually start a game until after tossing the disc around for a while and the teams are constantly changing as people sub on/off, so you can join when you like. You might also just stop by near the end to join us for a drink. 3) What is Ultimate Frisbee? You have two teams and one disc. The offense must throw the disc between each other without running with it until they can catch it in the end-zone. The defense tries to knock the disc down in flight. It’s non-contact and you can see evidence of its origins in 1960s counterculture with rules designed to keep everything harmonious. Officially, it’s played on a football-sized field with seven players per side, but we normally shrink the field a bit to make it a more friendly size. You can find a decent introduction of the rules at 4) In case of bad weather, is the event cancelled? If so, how will we be notified? We almost never cancel an event, rain or shine. But if that happens, or we change the location because our normal field is occupied by an event, we will send out messages via and Facebook to inform everybody. Ultra-last-minute updates might only be via our FB group "Amsterdam Ultimate Frisbee". 5) How many people do you usually get? On the nicest summer days we can have enough for two full games with subs but even on miserable winter Sundays you can expect a few of the rain-or-shine crew to show up. Even four people is enough to play a fun variant called hot-box.


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Ultimate Frisbee is a lesser-known sport that's a bit like no-contact rugby with a disc.

We’re a group of casual players that meet every week for some running, socialisation and discrobatics. We typically play until it gets dark or we get too thirsty, then hang out with a few drinks, or BBQ in the summer.

It's mixed group of guys and gals, 20 to 40-somethings and people who've never thrown before to those with international tournaments under their belt.

Feel free to stop by and see what's it like or learn the basics. You might also want to visit our Facebook group for my adhoc discussions: (

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