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Welcome to the Front Range Photography Meetup! We are glad you joined!

The Front Range Photography Meetup organizes photo events in and around Metro Denver. Our purpose is to create fun photo activities where members can meet new friends, while learning and sharing as we go.

You will be notified of these events by email, or if you choose not to receive email you can log onto the site to view the calendar of events. (Email settings can be found under "My Profile." Please adjust them to your taste)

Membership in the Front Range Photography Group is $12/annually. Some Meetup Events are free, others will have a charge. Either way, it will be plainly noted when you RSVP/ If there are food or admittance fees involved you are responsible for them. Occasionally we travel greater distances to a special location. When that occurs, some folks prefer to organize a carpool and riders should be considerate of the driver and voluntarily contribute towards gas.

Fees are typically paid online, but if you prefer to pay by cash or check that can be arranged. Just email and let us know how you would like us to handle your dues.

Monthly Online Contest Free - Included with Membership Dues
Each month we host a Themed Contest. If you are a member in good standing (i.e. dues paid) the contest is free. We upload images to the Monthly Contest section under "Photos" than guest judges who are all career photographers, choose the winners and provide constructive criticism. Comments on images are welcome.

First and Second Place winners receive cash payments of $25/$15 the month following the contest. You must submit your name and address to us to receive this prize. Prize money is only available to claim after 90 days.


In order to grow and get better at our craft, we occasionally offer workshops. Fees will be associated with these workshops and plainly announced, so you will be aware when a fee is involved. Please also be aware of the workshop refund policy before reserving your spot.

A word about RSVP's
All Meetups require members to RSVP. Even though no fees are involved to attend, please be considerate of the Leaders. If you cannot attend, please make your RSVP reflect that.

The Meetup site has a discussion section where you are encouraged to participate. This board is for announcing events, workshops, contests, seeking and providing advice. It is NOT to be used for spamming the group, MLM, personal interest announcements. Those will be promptly deleted with no warning. Repeat offenders will be cheerfully stoned in the town square and/or banned from the network.

Volunteers are Encouraged!
If you have a suggestion or would like to lead a Meetup, please contact us! We welcome members who are interested in leading a Meetup. You can plan it, and we will post it. Our goal is to have as many events as possible and we can't do it all alone! Don't be bashful, speak up!

Other Photography Clubs Welcome!
Since our name is Front Range, we would like to invite other Photography Clubs in the area to join this Meetup. If you are a member of a Club that would like to increased visibility for your events, please contact us. Together we can create an awesome network with activities in all corners of our region.

We look forward to meeting you at a Meetup soon!

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Teri Virbickis

Upcoming events (5+)

Everyone Loves a Carnival

Flatiron Crossing Mall

Everyone loves a carnival. We all have cabin fever since it's been snowy and rainy this week. Saturday is going to be SUNNY and 71 degrees. Let's go capture some fun and festive carnival sights and sounds with the night lights and joyful giggles of spectators. Over 20 rides & attractions like a Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, Kamikaze, VertiGo, Ring of Fire, Dizzy Dragons – plus, games and carnival food! Let's meet off to the side of the ticket booths. If we are not riding the rides, we will not need any tickets. FYI--I have obtained special permission from the venue for us to shoot here. However, I am obligated to keep the group size down to no more than 12. You can bring your tripod, but we need to make sure we're not standing in the middle of walkways etc.

Feel the Thunder from the USAF Thunderbirds! - Practice (no crowds!)

NOTE: New information about the practice. It is to be held on Tuesday, not Wednesday as originally thought! Practice begins at 10:30 and ends at 11:45. Let's have a conversation in the comments about where to meet. Is the Great Wolf Lodge the best place or should we take Charlie's suggestions and park on the west side of I-25 at Northgate road and climb above? Thoughts? Here's a link to the announcement: https://www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-thunderbirds-release-practice-performance-schedule/?fbclid=IwAR2RtNmIWYICqZvOXM87sR9Sh8NuytaqBL7IVZBV9Z8gybxy4mr_Sa0SdmE Graduation practice for the United States Air Force Academy is a perfect time to view the U.S. Thunderbirds without getting crushed in the USAFA Graduation crowds! Let's meet at the Great Wolf Lodge on the deck at 10:00 a.m. Since we don't know exactly when they will fly, we can enjoy brunch on the deck while we wait What to bring: * Long fast lens * Tripod * Money for food If you need to contact me the day of the event, please text me and not use the Meetup App, as I don't check it![masked] If the weather doesn't cooperate on this day, we can always come back on the 30th for the official graduation! Photo Credit: Bryce Yamashita

May 2019 Photo Contest - Theme is "Yellow"

Needs a location

The theme for May is "Yellow" Yellow is the color of...find it, shoot it. Maybe you'll win! This contest ENDS on March 28th at 9 p.m. So hurry and post your entry. BE SURE TO READ THE RULES SO YOUR IMAGE ISN'T DELETED! No Exhibition Only Images Allowed. The Contest Rules have changed, please read and familiarize yourself with the new requirements! NOTE: Many new people get confused because this looks like a Meetup. The Meetup website REQUIRES that there be a time, date and location, so to get past that requirement I MAKE ONE UP! Once again, this is not a Meetup but a contest. Hope that helps! Please Read the Instructions. ✓ All Members who have paid their dues may participate. NOTE; A MEMBER IS A DUES PAYING MEMBER. IF YOU RECENTLY JOINED AS A GUEST, YOU MUST PAY TO WIN OUR CONTEST. IT'S ONLY FAIR! ✓ You must take the image you submit yourself. No restored photos, Photoshop compilations or creations where you are not the maker of all the images. ✓ Your image must have been taken within the last twelve months for the monthly contest. ✓ You may NOT enter a photo that has been entered in a previous monthly contest and won 1st, 2nd or Honorable Mention. ✓ Only 1 entry per month per member. NO EXHIBITION ONLY IMAGES due to confusion Exhibition Images will no longer be allowed ✓ Add your image to the CORRECT ALBUM - it will be named “2019 Monthly Contest. This album can be found by navigating to the “PHOTOS” link in the navigation bar found above. Once there look for the correct album and add your image. (Anyone creating a new album as opposed to following these instructions risks not getting into the contest. I realize people make mistakes so check your work.) ✓ Give your image a Title, if you don’t we will and it won’t necessarily be what you were thinking! Last month there were several entries made AFTER the DEADLINE! Please note the deadline is NOT at the END of the Month. Submissions made after the deadline will be void. Sorry folks, the rules are the rules! The reason we have a Contest is to challenge our Members to get out and take photos. We want to see everyone participate and in doing so improve. Each month the 1st and 2nd Place winners receive $25/$15 respectively as Prize Money! Winners will be notified via this site and need to provide me with their Legal Name and address. I will be sending prize money immediately after receiving contact info. Visit this (Page to see winners from previous years (https://www.meetup.com/FrontRangePhotography/pages/20272085/2016_Contest_History/)) I will get this updated someday! Themes for 2019 January Frozen February Love March Green April Lines May Yellow June Squares July Clouds August Sun September Motion October Water November Old December Reflection Photo Credit: Join Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FrontRangePhotographyGroup/requests/

Chalk Festival - Show and Go! See you there!

Larimer Square

Here's a fun event for you and your camera! The annual Chalk Art Festival is guaranteed to please. There's street art, people, food and tons of opportunities to capture some great moments in time. This is a "show and go." We learned years ago there's no point in trying to organize photographers at a huge event. It's more difficult than herding cats! Feel free to converse in the comments below, look for carpoolers or create a plan to meet at the event. Be sure to post your amazing pics in our album when the event is over. See you on the streets of Lodo!

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