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CritCon - Critique for Confidence
CritCon - Critique for Confidence I, like many of you, sit in a dark room in front of computer screen and edit. That little voice inside your head constantly this working...does this look it it my best work? Having come from a job where I had 15 other photographers to turn around and ask those questions to and get immediate feedback...I yearn for that critique, the honesty of a comrade in developer and fixer (or for the new age- a comrade in pixels) to help me improve my craft and forge my vision into a force of self expression and engagement. This will be a night to be courageous and put your images out there for peers to view, love, praise, and polish. Each image maker will bring 1 photo un-watermarked to have blind critiqued by the entire group. Each attendee will give One thing you love...One thing to improve. Some Tips on How to Critique: Stop, Look, Understand, Critique - This is to start a dialogue not be mean or to show how much you know about photography. People are coming here to improve. Be fair, kind and direct. A Critique Is Not an Opinion Art is full of subjective quantities. It's also full of objective quantities. Focus on the latter. There's nothing wrong with expressing a personal preference, so long as it's framed as a preference and not a critique. Critiques should focus on factually based characteristics. If someone chose to color tone a photograph a certain way, you can certainly express your preference for another color palette, but you can't argue the superiority of one or another. If someone presents a blurry shot, there are objective, measurable quantities such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO that can be invoked to discuss why the shot was blurry and how it can be remedied. Also, come to the critique with an open mind. Every one has an objective opinion about art, but if 3 or more people have the same opinion it might need be taken into consideration...Too Positive or Too Negative..ignore it. Most important to consider...are you ready to have this image critiqued... If you cannot critique someones work, how can you be ready to have yours critiqued. Have courage to critique and confidence to build on your critiques. This group will of course morph and grow. Suggestions are wanted and loved. Erik Holladay-McCann will be our moderator. He will help guide and encourage the critique. We will not allow personal attacks on the image makers themselves. This is a space for caring for our fellow image makers, expanding our perfection of the craft, and most of all building a community that lifts us all to the next level in our photography. A rising tide carries all ships....

Sam Gary Branch Library

2961 Roslyn Street · Denver

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