Google Cloud Next Extended Singapore 2019: Data, AI and Devops

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It's that time of the year again! Google Cloud Next '19 is just round the corner!

Carrying forward the theme, excitement & amazing updates from the Google Cloud Next '19, this is the second session of the Google Cloud Next Extended Singapore.

[Talk 1]
Topic: Dive into favourite announcements from Google Cloud Next '19

Synopsis: Walk through on latest announcements from Cloud Next including Hybrid Cloud and Security strategy with Anthos, Serverless and more on Big Query and Dataflow, all through an interactive session

Speaker: Jan Peuker, Strategic Cloud Engineer : Google. Jan leads the Strategic Cloud Engineering team in Google's Professional Services Organization for Southeast Asia

[Talk 2]
Topic: Moving people and products with Machine Learning on Kubeflow

Synopsis: GOJEK, the Southeast Asian super app, has experienced a massive increase in customer growth by leveraging machine learning throughout its products. However, building production grade machine learning systems is still fraught with challenges and delays. In order to address these challenges GOJEK has adopted Kubeflow, a fully open source cloud native platform for machine learning.
In this talk you will learn how Kubernetes and Kubeflow empowers teams at GOJEK by increasing the speed at which they turn ideas into products. We will show how Kubeflow, which leverages Kubernetes and Istio, simplifies the process of rapidly training, deploying, and evaluating models.

Speaker: Willem Pienaar leads the data science platform team at GOJEK, working on the GOJEK ML platform, which supports a wide variety of models and handles hundreds of million of orders every month. His main focus areas are building data and ML platforms, allowing organizations to scale machine learning and drive decision making.

[Talk 3]
Topic: Data Engineering and Machine Learning on production with GCP (which involves Big Query, Big Query ML, Kubernetes, Video Intelligence)

Synopsis: Introduction to 90 Seconds and how GCP services helped us (90 Seconds) productionize machine learning to deliver values directly to business.
We will also share a few examples / case studies / and best practices we have around this topic too.

Speaker: Dat

[Talk 4]
Topic: TBA
Synopsis: Dataflow
Speaker: Reza Rokni

[Talk 5]
Topic: TBA
Synopsis: Devops related
Speaker: Daniel Poon

[Talk 6]
Topic: Using stackdriver effectively

Synopsis: An introduction to stackdriver, a feature in the Google Cloud Platform. It provides monitoring, logging and tracing capabilities; which are important pieces in order to understand the application when running in production

Speaker: Hairizuan is a software developer at Acronis as part of the Search Team. He is a avid fan of tools and technologies and has dabbled in various programming languages such as Golang, Python and R. Prior to working at Acronis, he worked at Sparkline where he worked on tools and applications that deal with digital marketing technologies such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.