What we're about

Howdy and welcome to GDG Cloud Lubbock.... a community-run developer group supported by Google Developers.

Let's get together to discuss and learn about topics related to our favorite Google technologies and the tech stacks that we use. Most importantly let's have some fun getting to know one another, learn a thing or two, and try to make our great Lubbock Community even more IT friendly.

My name is Doug White, your local GDG Cloud Organizer. I have a deep ties to the Lubbock area, and even stronger roots in IT. I work at a local software engineering firm, as a Software Developer. I spend much of my day traversing across a diverse technology stack which includes a several different programming languages, numerous packages, countless libraries, and an assortment of tools. I truly enjoy discovering and discussing technology, and as such I will likely be learning about this stuff forever.

So, reach out and even consider joining us; if you are interested in learning about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Software Development, or even if your just curious about some specific technology. If you have any questions, please contact me by using the available options on this site. I'll do my best to answer any tech questions you may have. If I can not provide a sufficient answer, then I'll help you get to a person or resource that can. Whatever the case may be, do consider yourself welcome to register to become a Member of GDG Cloud Lubbock.

Upcoming Topics TBA(suggestions are welcome, please!):

• How to design, build, iterate, and deploy a Progressive Web App (PWA), iOS Native app, and Android Native app

• Learn about the process and strategies for successfully taking a product idea through the various stages to effectively win a Venture Capital contract

•Methods and best practices for contributing to and managing an open-source library such as Angular, Flutter, Dart, Ionic, Firebase and countless others

• Uses of the Firebase platform including Firestore and Realtime Databases, Authentication, Server-less Cloud Functions,

• Possibilities of voice enablement using DialogFlow, Google Actions

•Introduction and usage of GCP within IOT deploying, analyzing and using gadgets like arduino, software defined radio, raspberry pi, and drones, etc....

• Building and using a cloud based OS

• Discover the available repository, server and network testing tools, CI/CD, Virtualization, Stacktrace monitoring, and API development

• Learn how you can start using the GCP for free($30 monthly credit) and how to scale automatically using the GCP suite which includes Kubernetes, Big Query, Tensorflow, and so much MORE....

Lubbock is truly positioned well to rise up and become an exemplary community of technology adopters by bolstering innovations for our rapidly modernizing Ag-Industry, continually improving the Texas Tech University campus, and even the promoting our beautiful local Arts community.

GDG Cloud Lubbock-Join us Lubbock, together we can do I.T.!

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