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The San Francisco chapter of GDG aims to provide technical training on emerging google technologies, as well as to provide an environment that facilitates networking. GDG SF will be hosted once a month in San Francisco.

Interested in giving a talk? Submit your proposal here (https://forms.gle/hYddsTX2ErFXVwSy9).

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Searching for dark matter in CERN's Large Hadron Collider dataset

Google Developers Launchpad Space

We're happy to have Lavanya Shukla, Cofounder of Dataland, as our speaker for the month of July! About this talk: In this talk, Lavanya will explore how machine learning can be used to find potential influences of dark matter in data obtained from CERN's Large Hadron Collider experiments. The 3 major things we’ll be exploring are: 1. Particle Physics: A gentle introduction to particle physics and how the large hadron collider works. 2. Particle identification: training a classifier to detect electrons, protons, muons, kaons and pions and other particles. 3. Searching for dark matter: training a neural network to distinguish between background noise and the signal, and then applying clustering algorithms to find potential traces of dark matter in this signal. About our speaker: Lavanya is a machine learning engineer who began working on AI 10 years ago when she founded ACM SIGAI at Purdue University as a sophomore. In a past life, she taught herself to code at age 10, and built her first startup at 14. She's driven by a deep desire to understand the universe around us better by using machine learning. Twitter: https://twitter.com/lavanyaai Link to her article about dark matter (https://lavanya.ai/searching-for-dark-matter/).

Design Systems for Developers

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We're looking forward to having Zack Brown, Co-creator of Diez and Co-founder & CEO at Haiku, as our speaker for the month of August. About the talk: Design systems hold the promise of bridging the gap between design and code, yet the phrase "design system" means something different to every person you ask. Zack will present design systems from a pragmatic developer's perspective: why to use one, how to collaborate with designers on a design system, how to adopt a design system progressively into existing codebases across platforms (with a spotlight on Flutter,) and how to make sure a design system is a helper rather than a hindrance to effective software development. Twitter: @zackaboo

DevFest San Francisco 2019

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Details to come...

Adventures & Lessons in Open Source

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We’re excited to have Linda Peng, Software Engineer at Mailchimp, as our December speaker! About the talk: More details to come … About the speaker: Linda Peng is a developer, violinist, and sci-fi enthusiast. Alum of @moveon & http://actionkit.com. Creator of http://codebuddies.org and 📽️ maker of http://youtube.com/lpnotes. Co-organizer of Women Who Code East Bay (meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-East-Bay) and Pyladies Oakland (meetup.com/Oakland-PyLadies).

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