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GEAF Gifts Spiritual Growth Meetup group is for those who are interested in taking classes to broaden their knowledge of energy work, Shamanic Practices, Reiki and other healing modalities, and connecting to our guides and the Ancient Ones. Classes are brought forward with the knowledge of Native Hawaiian, Navajo (Diné) and other indigenous peoples teachings and lifestyles.

This Meetup was established to assist others on their spiritual journey by providing opportunities to meet others of like-mind and to provide a safe and sacred space where there is no fear or judgment. Laughter is inevitable in any event held by GEAF Gifts and business partners.

Join this group as a individual, remain with the group as family.

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Birth of the New Avalon, Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening w/Brenda

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


In-Person & Online!
Become a New Earth Guardian upon completion of this 45 Attunement Seraphic Wisdom course.

The information in this course was given to us by the Angel in 2014 and there are now Avalon New Earth Guardians in many areas of the US and Canada. In 2012 we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal the​ United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and assisting the country of Canada who is described as the Land of Dreams. This group process will then permit a more significant shift in consciousness for the planet.

Register and pay here:https://www.thelightofnature.com/events/birth-of-the-new-avalon-canada-the-land-of-dreams-is-awakening-in-person-online-2
Cost = $276.00

In-person seats are limited to 4 people
Online seats are limited to 4 people
Please specify your attendance preference during registration.

Crystal Bowls & Singing Plants Sound Bath w/ Teresa Helgeson

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church



For those of you who have had a healing session with Gayle Fowler, you've already heard and experienced the amazing healing properties of plant music. Hearing the songs of live plants is the most amazing experience I had ever had. Now adding crystal singing bowls on top of the plant therapy music... be prepared for mind blowing shift!

Theresa Helgeson will be doing a Crystal Bowls & Singing Plants Sound Bath at our Healing Art Center. This is an in-person event, so bring something to lay on, a pillow, dress comfortably and enjoy! This experience will help to detox your body, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, open and balance your Chakra and deepen your connection to the Divine.

Pay here: http://plantmusictherapy.com/cbsp-st-andrew.html

Online & In-Person: The Law of Attraction and How to Get it to Work for You

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


***Online and In-Person***


The Law of Attraction and How to Get it to Work for You w/ Darien Bergmann

Have you watched the movie The Secret or maybe read a few books on manifesting or the Law of Attraction (LoA) and have tried the ideas and haven't had much success getting the results you want? Or have questions but don't know who to ask? Maybe you just want to change things in your life (or perhaps have tried and failed) and want help-a new relationship, to feel better, to change your finances. You've heard some of the terminology-manifesting, visualizing, vibrations, frequencies, etc and have questions on how some of this stuff works, but don't know who to ask or where to turn. I'm hosting an interactive workshop where we will explore these ideas and more and perhaps identify some of the limiting beliefs that we have that prevent us from living the life we truly deserve. Questions welcome!

Payment can be in person or through Venmo at @Darien-Bergmann.

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Host Bio:
Darien Bergmann has been studying the LoA steadily since 2012 and has read numerous books and classes on the subject. He started working with a coach studying Bob Proctor's program based on the book The Science of Getting Rich in 2020 as well as The Success Puzzle and more recently The Magic in Your Mind. He recently worked with a Master NLP practitioner to release some of his own limiting beliefs. He is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and has attended the Basic and Advanced courses for that. He is ready to come and share what he has learned and hopefully help inspire others to change their limiting beliefs and start thriving instead of just surviving!

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The Angel Power Hour! w/ Brenda Hardwick In-Person & Online!

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Meet your Angels, Learn to talk to them, Feel their Healing Energy, Ask them for help. Join me, Brenda Hardwick, for a Meditation and Healing session with YOUR Angels! This is your opportunity to check in with your Guardian Angels and raise your vibration so you remember they are with you, always. Come share in an hour of Angel Power!

Sessions are $20.00 per person. Please pay using the Venmo App or one of the other payment methods listed below.

Venmo: @Brendaslightofnature
Paypal: paypal.me/thelightofnature
Cashapp: $brendahjm
Square (Credit Card) https://checkout.square.site/buy/762KO5P4NXOA3GNHPIELWM7F

***Note this event occurs the 4th Monday of every month

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