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GDAT #7: Unreal VR

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Come hear about Unreal Engine and what it can do for VR!

Niklas Smedberg is a senior Engine Programmer at Epic Games ( and manages technical relationships with external partners. He has been developing games since 1997, after spending many years in the European graphics demo scene.


Thanks to Chartboost ( supplying a cool space for the event...check out their T-rex:

dSonic ( has been creating audio for games for 14+ years and has worked on everything from AAA console games like Bioshock to mobile games for indies.

On the night we're giving away 2 tickets to the PG Connects conference ( worth $400 each; We also have a discount code PGC_GDAT which you can use to get a 25% discount at any time.

Games on Display:

Wordsum from indie game company Pixel Shot Games (

Space Sluggers ( is a game for fans of shooting aliens in the head, non-stop cheesy sci-fi and making choices that matter.

Hero ( - In a world under attack, one man rises to face his enemies who threaten the world.

Trial by Viking ( is an epic side-scrolling adventure where you will solve puzzles and battle unspeakable terrors in the 9 worlds of the Norse gods.

The Barbarian ( is an open-world top-down action RPG for mobile & desktop

Thanks to Adam Bruce of VRLAB for bringing the VR space game Elite: Dangerous ( to the event

Creature ( is an advanced 2D skeletal and mesh animation tool that automates complex animation like hair, cloth, muscle/flesh for export to Game Engines and HTML5/WebGL content

A Woodsman ( is a minimalist exploration game taking place in an unknown world.

Evil Master Overlord ( is back from the undead! A defense strategy game with a unique combination of dungeon/tower defense and puzzle mechanics.

Manny Marquez will be showing his Otoy: Octane render experiments in the ORBX viewer for gearVR.

Lilly Pad ( Willie and Dee, are on a mission to save their town. Help them collect as much fruit as they can to bring back home and watch out for logs, animals and other challenges along the way.

SuperHuman Tactics ( is a Squad Based Tactics game where Super Heroes unleash their power and blow things up!

Color Slam ( - A game that merges strategy with simplicity to bring mobile players an in depth experience without extra complications

SFPD Homicide –The Body in the Bay ( is a re-release of a CD ROM game where you identify, interrogate, and incarcerate a murder suspect

Scavenger Duels ( - Turn-based mobile RPG focused on competitive multiplayer duels.

VR game Narcosis ( is a survival story set at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Hollow (, a game by Leap Motion, is a horror hayride adapted from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow; immerse yourself with Oculus VR and grip the reins with Leap Motion integration.