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Gateway Endurance is about more than hiking. This group is about physical activity. If there is an event that pertains to the indoors or outdoors that has you up and moving then that is what we are going for. We will never have anything close to Happy Hour socials.

The Endurance part of it is to challenge ourselves and see how far we can go before dropping to the ground. :D Sometimes there will be postings for up to 3 events in 1 day. This would be making up our own mini triathlon. Oh, yeah!! Example: Hiking, Biking, and Kayaking. The idea is to sign up for all 3 events and have a fun filled day! In any event......more than 1 activity in a day, can only be done, depending on how much daylight we have. And yes, we will be having hikes of 14 miles minimum if that is the only posting! I really like 20+ milers.

Special Note: Our long hikes of more than 20 miles require some amount of coordination, for transportation, supply drops, etc. Therefore, signing up for a hike is a commitment - late drops could cause the event to be cancelled. These will be strenuous events. We'll be moving fast and hard. So, no kids, no dogs, no +1.

For a good mix of hikes, you might check out:

Let's Hike: https://www.meetup.com/LetsHikeStL/

Beyond The Trail: http://www.meetup.com/Beyond-the-Trail/

SLAG: http://www.meetup.com/StLAdventurers/

Let's get out there and have fun!

Upcoming events (5+)

Hit the Slopes...... Snow Tubing!!

Hidden Valley Ski Resort

We are trying again!! Nobody could predict a month in advance of 60 degrees or a blizzard! SOOOOO....... Let's do this and have a blast going down hill on a tube. Many, many times!! Each person has their own lane OR you can hook up with a buddy or two and go down at the same time, in the same lane!! Cost is $26.00 for three hours of tubing! Fantastic!! To receive a discounted rate of $22 per person we have to have a group of 15 + and make the reservation 2 days before going. My thought on this is to just pay full price per person. Because of 3 things.....Only $4 difference....If conditions are not right, a refund is NOT given.....and I do not want to make the initial payment for all. We will meet at 3:30 at the ticket office. Purchase tickets by 3:45. Once tickets are purchased, tubing start time is within 15 minutes. We will start tubing at 4pm. That will be from the top of the hill!!! I will notify everyone here, morning of, if weather is not permitting this taking place. Only gear you need is warm enough clothing for the weather conditions. There is a snack bar that offers a selection of food and drinks. A bar to buy drinks I believe. Plus Bonfires to warm up riders on quick breaks. If you like, you can go inside for a short spell, and sit by the fireplace. This is also posted in the "Life" group with 18 people signed up there already. To see what fun we are going to have, go to this site: https://www.facebook.com/hiddenvalleystl/videos/10154186937393354/ See you on the slopes!!

Streets of St. Charles Party & 5K/10K/1 mile Fun Run!!

Streets of St. Charles

Get ready for a street party!! The band will start at 10 am and the party will continue all day! This year the local charity being supported is Youth In Need. So, not only are we having a good time, we are doing good for the community! Of course, we are out there as well for the 5K/10K/1 mile fun run. You can also walk the 5K or 1 mile. A flat, fast course in a place ready to party!! Enjoy the combination of urban and canopy, roads and gravel, spectators and quiet as you have a great time at a great race with a great couse! The gun goes off at 9:00 am. Athletes will start at Streets of St. Charles and advance towards the Katy Trail. After turning around at Frontier Park, athletes will return to Streets of St. Charles. The 10K athletes will make a second loop. This will be an individual race and not a group/team since we most likely like to run at our own pace. We will all meet pre and post race for the festivities. After the race we will have an earned drink or two :), see what the shops have to offer, and enjoy partying on the Streets of St. Charles. Parking is open to the public and free. Got to this site to register and get map and instructions (lower on the screen.) https://www.active.com/st-charles-mo/running/distance-running/street-party-run-2019 You can save $5 if you register by 03/08/19.

Winter Kayaking ~ Let's go Underground!!

Crystal City Underground

It's quite true. Crystal City Underground has cave kayaking! With it being 52 inside the caves, who cares if it is still Winter? I for 1 cannot wait for spring to happen and have to get back in a kayak. Less than an hour south of St. Louis, retired military man Don Marsan conducts kayak tours of the 150-acre submerged lake that is part of an abandoned Pittsburgh Plate Glass silica mine that's now the Crystal City Underground subterranean entertainment and sports complex. What you will need: Crystal City provides everything for you except for the dry bag. :) You can bring your own gloves (2 pair), a headlamp, flashlight, PFD, kayak, and dry bag if you would like though. Group size: Limited to 15 for the group to hear and stay with the guide. This event is also being posted in Life.....Your Great Adventure Starts Now for joint group member numbers. Getting wet: You should not get wet except for water coming off your paddle. If you keep it down low, you will finish the tour dry. Cave areas of concern: If you know you are claustrophobic, even with the lighting, you may have some trouble. I am not sure how far the water will drop by the time we go. We went into some fantastic tight spaces. Temperature: Cave is about 52 degrees. Dress in 2 layers. Socks all the way to neck. Sections of the cave will have a breeze coming in from outside but, otherwise not bad at all. Cost: This is only $35 for 2 1/2 hours of fun with 8 + members showing up. Kayaks are held for those that RSVP here. I will be the main contact with Don for this event. No need calling Crystal City. This event is also being posted in Life for joint group member numbers. Note: If paying with credit card, there will be a processing fee. Not expecting to cancel this event at all. Please keep RSVPs current on this site as each RSVP means a kayak is spoken for. Let me know, by messaging me offline, if you are bringing your own. TKS!

Floating on the Gasconade!

Gasconade Hills Resort

Who has been on the Gasconade? I don't see a float posted for this river very often. It is a relaxing time on an interesting river. So check it out with me!! We will be camping Friday night and floating 10 miles on Saturday. This will be at Gasconade Hills Resort. If you only want to come down for the day....Fair warning, it is a bit of a drive and check in is at 8:30AM. Anyone who would like to stay Saturday night, by all means do so. I am undecided on events for the next morning. We are possibly hooking up with Missouri Float Trips group for this event so there are more people than those you see signed up here. We will be camping at the float take out site so we have plenty of time to play on the river. As well as Friday afternoon/night. My understanding is a minimum of 20 people for a group site. I will let you know closer to event. Otherwise, if wanting a private tent site, you will have to make arrangements per your needs with the resort. This is a family friendly place and ask that we are quite by 10 PM. That is just the normal consideration when youngsters are around. Bring: What ever you want for camping and floating. Alcohol is allowed. We would like to leave no trace behind on our floating adventures. If anyone would like to bring a extra bag to gather anything they may see or be able to take off the river, that would be wonderful!! Directions: Straight down Hwy 44 to exit 145, then only about another 1 1/2 miles. Travel time is about 2 1/2 hours. If you only want to come down for the Saturday float still sign up here. Please let me know that is what you are planning so I will know when I can say Hi. Go to this site to set up floating arrangements: http://www.gasconadehills.com/home.html . As it gets closer to event (at least 2 weeks out) I will post additional camping details.

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