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Gauteng Python Users Group

Founded in 2014 via the Gauteng Python Google User Group, the GPUG is the now the largest Python meetup group in South Africa and 1 of the largest tech meetup groups in South Africa.

The GPUG is a diverse group of Pythonistas of varying backgrounds. Our themes focus on a variety of topics geared towards beginners and all the way to experts. Some topics we have covered in the past: AI, web development, data science, scripting, DevOps

We host monthly meetups(currently online), on weekends/weekdays, where we connect with each other and discuss anything Python related.

Some interesting facts about us:

We are community-driven
We have worked with PyConZA on many occasions to bring Python to Gauteng
We helped launch the Artificial Intelligence meetup via this meetup group
We are 1 of the few tech meetups that hosts live programming meetups(code katas)

Our About us page is here: About (https://www.meetup.com/Gauteng-Python-Users-Group/about/)

Our Code of Conduct is available here: Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/Gauteng-Python-Users-Group/pages/30765668/Code_of_Conduct/)

Besides our monthly meetups, discussions happen in the GPUG Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21forum/gpugsa), Zatech-Slack (http://zatech.co.za)(#python) and PythonZA Discord (http://discord.gg/jMKE4hd)

Check out our site (https://gautengpug.github.io/) for announcements and blog posts.

Past events (58)

PyConZA 2021 (Online)

Online event

GPUG - March (2021) Introduction to ML

Online event

GPUG - February (2021) Monthly Meetup

Online event

[ONLINE] GPUG - July (2020) Monthly Meetup

Online event

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