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Below outlines the Geologic Maps Foundation geo-hikes that are organized through its Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Geo-hikes/

This Meetup group is open to hikers, professional geologists, geology instructors, and geology students.

There are number of geo-hikes scheduled for 2018-19 and more will be added. "Spreading the word" about these events is most appreciated. Interaction of professional geologists and geology students with hikers, that are not geologists, informs the public about geology and its importance.

Hikers, do you want to learn a bit of field geology and map reading skills while hiking, and sometimes camping, in the western USA? Interested in participating in geo-hikes and trips to scenic, and sometimes remote, locations? Want to learn about the fascinating history of the earth at these locations while on the move? If yes, then events hosted and led by the Geologic Maps Foundation might be of interest to you. Plus the participants meet others with similar interests while getting great exercise. You do not have to be a geologist to attend but an eagerness to learn some basic geology and map reading skills are a must.

Professional geologists can share their knowledge and experiences (as co-leaders) with non-geologists while exercising and returning to why they got into geology in the first place.

Geology students (at any level) will gain field experience, an opportunity to interact and make contacts with professional geologists that could be helpful in the future; plus lots of outdoors exercise in interesting geologic settings.

Some events and courses are free while others are fund-raisers and require a donation to cover expenses and operating costs. The Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit ,IRS 501 (3) (C), with an scientific educational and research focus. Donations are tax deductible and go towards the expenses of the event and the operating cost of the Foundation.

For more info on the Geologic Maps Foundation: http://geologicmapsfoundation.org/about.html

Upcoming events (2)

Sycamore Canyon Evening Hike

4153 Potrero Rd

MAXIMUM NUMBER IS 5 INCLUDING THE LEADER. IF YOU SIGN ON BUT DECIDE NOT TO GO THEN PLEASE SIGN OFF SO THAT OTHERS CAN MAKE IT. COVID-19 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS ON THE EVENING HIKES (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP ALL OF US SAFE AND ALLOW GROUP HIKING TO START UP AGAIN): MOUTH AND NOSE COVERING REQUIRED SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED (6 FT OF SEPARATION) DON'T BUNCH UP ON TRAIL PLEASE DON'T SHAKE HANDS OR HUG NO SHARING SNACKS. NO SHARING DRINKS. FOR MORE INFO VISIT: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/03/coronavirus-what-does-social-distancing-mean/607927/ It's a pretty simple hike: we are going to hike down Sycamore Canyon Road staying as much as possible on the paved road, towards the ocean, and see how far we can get in 1.5 hrs. We will turn around, more or less, near the Sycamore Campground and return via the same route we came in on; so if you lag behind we will find you on the way back (as long as you don't wander off the route). It's about 3.5 miles to the campground so 7.0 miles round trip. Elevation gain is only about[masked] feet. Could be on the warm side-check weather for Newbury Park before going. DIRECTIONS: Take Highway 101 to Thousand Oaks. Exit at Wendy Drive. Go south (towards the ocean) on Wendy. At Lynn turn right, then left at Reino that turns into Potrero Road. Take Potrero to Pinehill and turn right and park (Do not park on Potereo as you need a permit). Walk back along Potrero to its intersection with Big Sycamore Canyon Road that is more or less across from 4153 Potrero Road. We will start hike there. There are no restrooms at the trailhead. Essentials : Be willing to get a good workout! Bring water (at least 1 liter), cellphone, a headlamp or flashlight. DISCLAIMER / RELEASE OF LIABILITY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BELOW IN ITS ENTIRETY: The hike host is a volunteer and not responsible for the group. Safety should be a priority for everyone in the group. Please treat this meet-up as hiking with a group of friends. If you become fatigued and unable to continue the hike, it is expected you will advise the hike host of this and return to our starting point on your own. If you are able to proceed, it is expected that you will maintain line of sight with other members of the group at all times and help to promote the group’s safety and fitness goals. Outdoor sports and other events we plan can be inherently dangerous and accidents may happen. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. The Geo-hikes Meetup Group and its organizers are not trained leaders and we do not confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in trips. All participants take full responsibility for their own actions. If you choose to sign up for this or any Geo-hikes Meetup event, you are releasing the Geo-hikes Meetup Group and its organizers from all liability in case of possible injuries. Your personal safety depends on your own judgment and experience. ** Anyone 18 yrs. or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Santa Cruz Island geo-hikes and geology 4 nights & 5 days at SCI field station

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS CAREFULLY. EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED ONE YEAR. SANTA CRUZ ISLAND RESEARCH STATION WILL BE CLOSED TO EDUCATIONAL TRIP THROUGH END OF 2020 DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS ABOUT COVID-19. THOM The Geologic Maps Foundation (GMF) is leading a geologic field trip with hiking (geo-hikes) to the western 3/4s of Santa Cruz Island (Nature Conservancy portion), August 6-10, 2021 (Friday-Tuesday). Trip will provide the participants a good understanding of the geology of the island and some of the offshore too. In addition to the natural science educational value of the trip, this is a unique opportunity to see the largest portion of the island. You do not have to be a geologist to attend but an eagerness to learn some basic geology and map reading skills are a must. GMF has reserved the Santa Cruz Island Reserve Field Station for 4 nights and five days, more info at: http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/visiting/facilities-equipment-field-station SIGN-UP PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO GEO-HIKES REGULARS. YOU MUST BE IN EXCELLENT HIKING SHAPE, AND PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND THIS EVENT BEFORE GOING ONTO THE WAIT LIST. DO NOT GO ON WAIT LIST IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE OTHER OBLIGATIONS AT TIME OF EVENT. CANCELLATIONS AT ANY POINT TAKE WORK ON THIS END. THE FOUNDATION MUST PAY THE UC SYSTEM FOR OUR LODGING & VEHICLE RESERVATIONS, AND GEO-HIKES IS DEFINITELY NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY! Costs: $375/person (does not include boat transport to and from island & meals). This is a fund raiser for the nonprofit Geologic Maps Foundation (GMF), www.geologicmapsfoundation.org. GMF is a 501 (c) (3) organization and donations are tax deductible. Please read cancellation policy. STEPS FOR GETTING ON TRIP: 1) Confirm with Island Packers there is open space for boat out and return, that is Ventura Harbor to mid- Santa Cruz Island (Prisoners harbor) depart at 9:00 AM Friday 8/6/2021 and returning from the island at 4:00 PM 8/10/2021). [masked] or https://islandpackers.com/ 2) Go on wait list at this site, and contact us about space status for this event ([masked]). 3)You'll need to send us a check via US Mail made out to the Geologic Maps Foundation (address will be provided). You will not be confirmed on trip until check is received. 4) If your are confirmed on trip then make the payment for boat reservation with Island Packers (do ASAP). 5) IMPORTANT: Confirm by email to [masked] that your boat reservation is made and you have read and understand all of the above information. 6) GMF will need your email address to send you the required liability release forms, etc. Email to geologicmapsfoundation at gmail dot com. 7) Make sure you have read and understand: Santa Cruz Island Reserve Information, RULES: http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/rules-use-sci-preserve At the field station, we will have vehicles to get around this very large island, sleeping quarters, showers and a well equipped kitchen to prepare our meals. What to bring: Read link for what to bring: http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/visiting/facilities-equipment-field-station. For instance, don't forget a sleeping bag and pillow.Also look at what not to bring, described on the link. Reminder: don't forget a flashlight! Your meals, drink and clothing for 4 nights and 5 days. For hikes: day pack, hiking shoes or boots, canteens, clothing for warm and cool weather (SCI can be foggy and windy), hat, sunblock, headlamp or flashlight, etc. You are responsible for bringing, cooking, and clean-up of your meals and drink for the entire trip (four breakfasts and dinners, and five lunches). There are no stores on the island and cell coverage is spotty at best. Safety: Please read the Reserves' rules and recommendations before signing on to the trip: http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/visiting/safety and http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/rules-use-sci-preserve and http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/restrictions

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Howard Canyon to Nordhoff Ridge hike, north of Ojai

Howard Creek Trailhead

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