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Below outlines the Geologic Maps Foundation geo-hikes that are organized through its Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Geo-hikes/

This Meetup group is open to hikers, professional geologists, geology instructors, and geology students.

There are number of geo-hikes scheduled for 2018-19 and more will be added. "Spreading the word" about these events is most appreciated. Interaction of professional geologists and geology students with hikers, that are not geologists, informs the public about geology and its importance.

Hikers, do you want to learn a bit of field geology and map reading skills while hiking, and sometimes camping, in the western USA? Interested in participating in geo-hikes and trips to scenic, and sometimes remote, locations? Want to learn about the fascinating history of the earth at these locations while on the move? If yes, then events hosted and led by the Geologic Maps Foundation might be of interest to you. Plus the participants meet others with similar interests while getting great exercise. You do not have to be a geologist to attend but an eagerness to learn some basic geology and map reading skills are a must.

Professional geologists can share their knowledge and experiences (as co-leaders) with non-geologists while exercising and returning to why they got into geology in the first place.

Geology students (at any level) will gain field experience, an opportunity to interact and make contacts with professional geologists that could be helpful in the future; plus lots of outdoors exercise in interesting geologic settings.

Some events and courses are free while others are fund-raisers and require a donation to cover expenses and operating costs. The Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit ,IRS 501 (3) (C), with an scientific educational and research focus. Donations are tax deductible and go towards the expenses of the event and the operating cost of the Foundation.

For more info on the Geologic Maps Foundation: http://geologicmapsfoundation.org/about.html

Upcoming events (4)

Three days of Geo-hikes in the Santa Rosa Mountains, CA

Palm Springs


TRIP IS NOW FULL We will be looking at the geology in the Santa Rosa Mountains. It will be a tad warmer than the higher Mojave Desert that has been cold lately. I'd like to hike some desert peaks and canyons while looking at the geology. It's a 3 day weekend (Martin Luther King Holiday) for some but I'd like to avoid the large crowds that will be at the more popular campgrounds. Rangers expect campgrounds to be at full capacity for that weekend. We will be staying at a university research facility and the cost is $75.00/person for 3 days and 2 nights. Facility has cooking facilities (you bring your meals), dorm style sleeping quarters and showers (you bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, soap, etc). We could use some high clearance vehicles to get us up the dirt roads to the trail heads. If you sign up for this trip I need your full name and an email address so I can send out additional info (if I don't get you are not on the trip). Thanks, Thom Davis [masked]

Geo-hike Ventura River Preserve, Upper River Loop Trail

VRP - Riverview Trailhead

Geo-hike the Ventura River Preserve, Upper River Loop Trail. Easy and short hike, ~2.0 miles. I'll say a few words about the geology of the preserve. Bring water and a flashlight or headlamp (just in case it gets dark before we finish). Rain will cancel hike. Thom Davis [masked]

Mojave March Madness, hike desert peaks and canyons, and Mitchell Caverns tour.

Read carefully and please don't sign-on unless you are committed to making the trip, are willing to camp and hike with the group, and can do the hikes. I'm limiting this event to 12 hikers, including me. When you RSVP you'll go on a wait list, then send me a couple sentences on the vehicle you are bringing (or whose high clearance vehicle you are riding in) and your hiking experience. You'll need a high clearance vehicle for this event (or hitch a ride in one). We'll first try to car camp at Hole-in -the-Wall campground or Mid-Hills, but if these campgrounds are full (its very popular this time of year), we'll back-country car camp, that is no facilities. Hole-in -the-Wall and Mid-Hills campsites are $10.00/night (we'll share costs). One back country camp possibility is near the end of the dirt road in Caruthers Canyon, in the New York Mountains. It's a beautiful spot where previous campers have built some walls, a fire pit, and a cooking counter. You'll need to bring car camping gear: food, water, cooking gear, tent, warm sleeping bag (this place can be cold, the low 20s, it's above 5,000 ft), warm clothing, firewood, folding chairs are nice, and whatever else you need to be comfortable. So if you sign on, be prepared for roughing it! Plan is to hike a couple of desert peaks and canyons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning and have a two hour ranger guided tour of the Mitchell Caverns in the afternoon (tour is $10/person). I'm thinking the peaks might be Barber Peak, Columbia Mountain, Pinto Mountain and the canyons might be Caruthers and Keystone, but I open to other ideas. These are hikes and do not require technical equipment and skills; however, most of the hikes may be along very faint trails or cross country. Hiking cross country in the desert can be challenging as there are many things to maneuver around, like cacti and rock obstacles (don't wear shorts!). Hikes are 5-10 miles long with up to 1500 ft elevation gain. The event will start at the visitors center at Hole in the Wall at 9:00 AM Friday, 3/22/2019. I can take 3 more comfortably in my large truck. However, I may leave midday on Thursday (3/21/2019) from Ventura to secure a campsite. If interested then let me know. IF YOU CAR POOL ON THE WAY OUT AND ON THE EVENT, THEN PLEASE SHARE THE GAS COST WITH THE DRIVER. PLUS, IF WE CAMP AT A DEVELOPED SITE THEN YOU NEED TO SHARE IN THE CAMP SITE COSTS.

Wildrose & Telescope Peaks, plus Aguereberry Point, Death Valley

Wildrose Campground Death Valley

We were robbed from making Telescope Peak on 12/2/2018 by a new snowfall so we'll make a 2d try. We'll also hike Wildrose Peak, plus Aguereberry Point, Death Valley. Folks that made the 11/29-12/2/2018 Death Valley Geo-hike trip get on first. Car camp at Wildrose or Thorndike camp sites (we'll decide which site as we get closer, and first come gets camp sites-one cannot hold a campsite for others). Itinerary at this point: arrive Thursday afternoon/evening, hike Telescope Peak on Friday, hike Wildrose on Saturday, and hike around Aguereberry Point on Sunday. I'll be explaining the geology along the way, if you are interested. Here's a link to the geologic map of Telescope Peak: https://ngmdb.usgs.gov/ngm-bin/pdp/zui_viewer.pl?id=15515 It's truly amazing the amount of cross county hiking in extremely rugged and complex terrain these geologists accomplished. I'll be adding more info on this soon. You need to go on a wait list first and answer a few questions. Please do not sign-on to this hike unless you are serious about going, know you won't be called for work, or have the possibility of other last minute issues that prevent you from going (be fair to others). Also you need to be in good hiking shape, that is you can hike at least 12 miles with 4,000 ft elevation at 2-3 mph pace (do not sign on if you can't, it just holds the group back).

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Sycamore Canyon evening hike

Intersection Potrero Road and Sycamore Canyon Road

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