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Geo-hikes is open to hikers, geologists and geology students. Newsletter
It's for anyone interested in learning a little geology while hiking and backpacking.

Visit Events\Calendar\Past on the Meetup page for the last few years for a quick appreciation, with photos, of Geo-hikes events, the TDAVISGEO's Newsletter at, and Youtube videos:

Crooked Creek, White Mtns:

Santa Cruz Island:

Deep Canyon and Santa Rosa Mtns:

Hikers, do you want to learn a bit of field geology and map reading skills while hiking, and sometimes camping in the western USA? Interested in participating in Geo-hikes and trips to scenic, and sometimes remote, locations? Want to learn about the fascinating history of the earth at these locations while on the move? If yes, then events hosted and led by the Geologic Maps Foundation might be of interest to you. Plus, the participants meet others with similar interests while getting great exercise. You do not have to be a geologist to attend but an eagerness to learn some basic geology and map reading skills are a must.

Professional geologists can share their knowledge and experiences (as co-leaders) with geology students and non-geologists while exercising and returning to, for many, why they got into geology in the first place.

Geology students (at any level) will gain field experience, an opportunity to interact and make contacts with professional geologists that could be helpful in the future, and with lots of outdoors exercise in interesting geologic settings.

There are a number of geo-hikes scheduled for the 2023 season and more will be added. "Spreading the word" about these events is most appreciated. Interaction of professional geologists and geology students with hikers, that are not geologists, informs the public about geology and its importance.

Most of the Geo-hikes events and courses are free while a few are fund-raisers and require a donation to cover expenses and operating costs for the longer trips. The Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit ,IRS 501 (3) (C), with a scientific educational and research focus. Donations are tax deductible and go towards the expenses of the event and the operating cost of the Foundation.

Geo-hikes also organize and lead customized geologic field trips for professional organizations and companies to various areas in the western US and Baja California. Trips are great educational and team building experiences. Please email us at: for more information about the customized trips.

For more info on the Geologic Maps Foundation: http://geologicmapsfo...

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