You Can't Get Any More Real Than Real, Or Can You?

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In our never-ending quest to keep it 100, Geospatial Amateurs will be getting real, keeping it real, and going way past real into the augmented Future.

What's Better Than Reality?

Matt Krusemark (, Paul Hoemke (, & Jacob Reiser - Argis Solutions

Reality is OK, I guess. You know what would make it awesome? Overlaying it with spatial data. The guys from Argis Solutions will be here to talk about Augmented Reality and spatial data. At the intersection of mobile device sensors, compasses, mapping with 3D gaming software environments, GPS compatibility, etc. is where visualization becomes immersive. They'll talk about how all of this works and give us early-days use cases from local government, energy, utilities, and real estate.

Where Citizens Can Find The Nearest...

Dominick Cisson - Arapahoe County GIS

Finding the nearest X is the bread and butter of spatial analysis. And in 2017 it's a wheel you definitely do not want to re-invent. Dominick will show us how Arapahoe County is rolling out a map-based web app to help county residents find resources--from human services to ballot drop-off locations. He'll touch on fitting the use case to the application, deciding which features to put in, and more importantly what to leave out, and getting strategic about addressing different local government use cases without creating disparate, hard-to-support technology.

Dude, Where's My Car (Share)?

The GeoAmateurs Spring Hacktacular is coming May 23rd! Moderator Brian Timoney ( will offer a tasty appetizer: a lightning talk on the patterns of car sharing in Denver. Be prepared for fast talk, beautiful hexagon maps, and the never-ending challenge of keeping transportation networks in balance.