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If you would like to go on a spur of the moment bike ride and see who would want to join you, or want too plan a bike ride without posting an "official" bike ride (either because you don't know how to or you are not an event organizer) , or sell/buy a bike, or want to find out information about an event not posted, or have questions on bike techniques, or have technical questions about the site, or find out if a trail is open, or ask about how a trail ride is, or just about anything, you can post it here and anyone who is interested or has the knowledge about the subject can respond. I think this would be a great way to get more members on bike rides and helpful to support members in all areas of biking!!!

FYI: I Thought I would repost this Mileage around "The Loop" - Platte River Grill, C470, over 285 (Hampton Bridge), through the golf course (Up that big hill) , back down Bear Creek Trail, back to the South Platte, and arrive at the Platte River grill for a Margaraita!! LOL!!! Here is the Mileage I got from MAP MY RIDE for the Loop. You can use it for approximation because it seems that usually there is some differences in the different devices used:
The Platte River Grill, C470, Over Hampden, Bear Creek, Back to Platte River Grill Loop Mileage.
Mileage Platte River Grill to:
The Bench at Chatfield 5.13,
Ken Caryl 10.33,
Walmart 12:47,
285 Hampden Bridge 14.9
Top of steep hill overlooking Golf Course 17.00,
The Bench by Fox Hollow (east) 19.65,
Turn off of Stone House Park 21.57,
The Sheridan Bridge 24.25,
Lowell Street 25.44
Bout Time Bar and Grill 26.87,
Pedals 29.53,
Back to Platte River Grill 30.70.
The grade is listed under the chart below the map.