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This meetup group aims to help people to obtain health effectively and speedily without any medication. Learn how can you use simple techniques to obtain superior health and some people recover from their chronic pains.

What is GinLa?

GinLa is a revolutionary way of improving health through innovative blending of stretching, advanced Chiropractic Vibration Therapy, and proprietary zone patting techniques to effectively release stresses, pains, and stiffness while increase metabolism, immune system, and much more.

Why GinLa so effective?

Harvard Medical School published a special report solely on stretching and why it is extremely critical for everyone to stretch every day to help you limber up for sports, improve your balance and prevent falls, increase your flexibility, and even help relieve arthritis, back, and knee pain.

Even though many of us acknowledge the importance of stretching, but there are 1001 reasons why we don’t do stretching. For examples, not all stretching moves can be done easily, don’t have enough time to stretching, it takes a long time to make see improvement, and lack stamina/ energy to persistently do stretching.

In addition, as we age, certain parts of the body already become very stiff and/ or suffer inner injury, solely stretching is not able to effectively improve the health.

GinLa takes 3 steps ahead with ONLY ONE MOVE:

• Maximize stretching benefits with minimizing any incapability and pain during the stretching process.

• Zone patting techniques are designed based on Chinese Holistic Health Management System, Vibrating Techniques, Anatomy, and Physiology to improve a wide range of health concerns.

• GinLa is easy to apply and it is gentle to the body. It may be one of the most effective, having the least pain, just required very short treatment time (say 5 minutes), no medication, and improving health almost instantly!

More than stretching benefits!

Many people who receive GinLa treatment experience the following:

• Smoothen blood circulation

• Improve metabolism

• Boost immune system

• Increase stamina

• Fortifies posture

• Increase flexibility

• Relieve arthritis, back, and knee pain

• Improve balance and prevent falls

• Increase energy level

• Reduce soreness and cholesterol

• Release stress

• Lower blood sugar

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