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April meetup

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April meetup


Join us for our April event! We have three fantastic speakers lined up this month :)

We'll have someone in the lobby to let you up starting around 5:45. The doors close at 6:25 and the elevators need a key - please be on time! We'll have pizza, chats, and mingling before the talks start.


Lift me up. Mentorship 101

Mentorship, coaching, sponsorship - it looks like we hear these words more and more in IT communities, at working place and on events. So what is a mentorship and how to be good at it? Often when we start mentor/mentee interaction we might notice that these 'simple' soft skills are not so easy and not so soft. This talk will give you great insight on mentor's etiquette and how to gain most being a mentor.

Teacher, translator, manager previously, nowadays software engineer and IT community activist. Passionate about free education and diversity Tanya is doing all she can to support and promote women in IT. She is working in Hireup as a software engineer and also leads Muses Code JS (former NodeGirls) countrywide non-profit organisation.


I can draw and animate SVG, you can too!

In this talk I will talk about how I got into SVG, what is SVG and why is it so awesome. I will talk about the basics of building an svg image by hand by explaining all the parts of an tag. We will also talk about animating SVG using css and GreenSock. Through this talk, I hope to create an intuition of how SVG works to the audience and show that it does not take much to make cute art with it.

I'm Pavithra, you can call me PK. I work at Atlassian as a front end developer. I come with a deep passion for frontend technologies. I'm mostly into Javascript and trying to learn CSS and SVG :)



There are many questions and concerns around blogging. Where do I start? How do I maintain it? Do I have to post every day? Every week? What do I write about? No one is going to like what I write. What is the point?

In this talk I share my experiences as a blogger for over fourteen years. Blogging is a terrific way of helping you with your personal development and provides you with a lot of material for reflection. Whether you are a student or have been working in the tech industry for a long time, blogging is something you can start at any time.

But the most important thing is: your blog is a collection of stories only you have the power to write; only you have the power to start.

Georgie is a user interface engineer at Campaign Monitor and also co-organises the codebar Sydney meetup. She cares deeply about accessibility and semantic code, and is always keen to learn. She really enjoys blogging and writing about many topics, and is extremely passionate about bringing up other women in tech, teaching people new things, and helping others bring out the best in themselves. She loves expressing herself through fashion, and embraces a minimalist lifestyle. In her spare time she is probably at the gym, enjoying nature, or blogging.
Level 6, 341 George Street · Sydney
How to find us

Come in from Wynyard St NOT George St.

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