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What we’re about

"Welcome to the 'Global Women Entrepreneur Mastermind for Worldwide Success!' Our mission is to help women harness the power of manifestation to achieve their goals and create the life they desire. "Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, passionately following your life's calling, or just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, our group is designed to provide valuable insights, support, and proven systems to empower you in your path.
Why Join? Are you seeking clarity on your entrepreneurial venture, your passion, and the driving force behind your business goals? Our monthly 1.5-hour mastermind sessions will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Here's why you should join:
Clarity and Passion: Gain a clear understanding of your entrepreneurial calling and discover your true passion.
Manifestation Mastery: Learn a well-structured plan for manifesting your business desires effectively.
Community of Like-Minded Women: Connect with a motivated and like-minded community of women, each on their unique transformational journey.
Proven Systems: Benefit from tried-and-true systems that will not only help you clarify your entrepreneurial goals but also propel you forward toward success.
Join us and unlock your entrepreneurial potential or take your current business to a place that you never imagined!"
Meet Your Guide, Lisa Marie: Lisa Marie is no stranger to transformation. Her journey from being a working single mom, counting pennies for happy meals, to becoming a multimillionaire through the application of mastermind principles and personal and business development is truly remarkable. Many have rightfully called Lisa Marie a 'powerful manifester.' Her story serves as a testament to the belief that joy can be a daily experience for everyone, regardless of their starting point. Her remarkable transformation is an inspiration to us all."Coaching with Lisa Marie is also available. With years of wisdom and experience, she's helped others achieve their dreams and goals.
What Others Are Saying:

  • "Lisa Marie has been a powerful force in my life, providing clarity for my business and resulting in unimaginable growth and success." — [Testimonial 1]
  • "Lisa Marie helped me manifest my husband. Her mastermind groups tapped into power beyond our beliefs, and I now live the life I want and deserve." — [Testimonial 2]
  • "Working with Lisa Marie got me unstuck and retirement-ready. I now enjoy the adventure of living on a boat and traveling." — [Testimonial 3]

"If you find yourself facing entrepreneurial challenges, and uncertainties, or simply crave the support needed to manifest your entrepreneurial dreams, our group is your catalyst for empowerment. We're equipped with a toolkit of potent tools and entrepreneurial mastermind principles, uniting the powerful energy of like-minded women to orchestrate astonishing breakthroughs in our entrepreneurial pursuits."
Join Us: Let's embark on this transformative journey together!"

Reach out to Lisa Marie at 512-744-8503 if you are interested in a structured manifestation mastermind group or laser coaching. 512-744-8503