Next Meetup

Discussing all aspects of 3D printers, printing s/w, mods and more.
We will be meeting every first and third Wednesday of the month. The format could be either a presentation and discussion, a fix-it clinic, a swap meet and more. If you have specific topics you'd like us to cover in future Meetups specific to 3D printing, please start a discussion here. Some possibilities are printer troubleshooting and fix-it clinic, doing printer modifications like adding filament sensors, jam detection, self leveling, etc.; installing and configuring OctoPrint networking, plug-ins and apps. Feel free to bring your 3D printer to the meeting, most members do. It doesn't have to be working or could even be a kit ready to assemble. You will get plenty of help and advice if you're considering an upgrade or need help solving a problem. We cover all things 3D printing.

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