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Cloud Computing - How Does It Work and Can It Work for You?


GGCS Welcomes Jim Guld & Chris Guld
Geeks on Tour

Your head may not be in the clouds, but are your data and pictures? Just where is the “cloud” that everyone is talking about?

The cloud is simply the Internet – but it is taking on special meaning as Google, Microsoft, and others offer accounts where you can have your own slice of the sky.

If you start a document with your computer, send it to a cloud service, finish it on a tablet, and resend it to your Smartphone for viewing, you’re using cloud computing.

Jim Guld and Chris Guld, a.k.a. Geeks on Tour, will bring us their cloud seminar for the next General Meeting, August 26. They’ll explain the cloud concept and demonstrate how you would use cloud computing.

The talk will cover:

• Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Apple’s iCloud.

• Synchronizing your computer and devices through these services.

• Web apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

• How to share your files with others.

Jim and Chris make extensive use of the Cloud as they travel the country in their motorhome, presenting seminars at RV Rallies and Computer Clubs across the country. They use many computers, tablets, and smartphones in their presentations and are always comfortable that they have the files they need because the files reside in the Cloud and are synchronized to each device! Before RVing, Jim and Chris were both in the computer training and support field since the early ’80s. Now they specialize in the technology that enhances the traveling experience. Their website,, includes a learning library of tutorial videos on the software they use and recommend: Picasa, Blogger, Facebook, Google Maps, and more.