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Adventurer's League Eberron: DDAL-ELW03 The Cannith Code (Weekly Table)
DDAL-ELW03: The Cannith Code (Tier 1; Optimized for 3rd-level characters) To crack a secret code, the characters trace the gnome who formulated the cipher. When they learn he’s been imprisoned in a high-security compound, they launch the jailbreak of the century to bust him out. Embers of the Last War is a twelve-adventure campaign that sees the characters face off against governments, criminal organizations, and dragonmarked houses while attempting to uncover a mystery that could reignite the Last War. The adventures take place in Eberron’s story-rich City of Towers, a place filled with magic, secrets, and shadowy thrills. DM Mike Daingerfield DM Gratuity: $4 minimum ($1/hr)

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Missouri City/Stafford/Sugar Land gamers, we now have a place close-by for you to come to play your favorite games: Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, X-Wing, Magic: The Gathering, and more!

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