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Missouri City/Stafford/Sugar Land gamers, we now have a place close-by for you to come to play your favorite games: Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Magic: The Gathering, and more!

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CCC-SFBAY-02-01 Old Enemies Arise (Tier 2)

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The alliance between Thay and Mulmaster is stronger than ever, and this does not sit well with some of the neighboring countries; in fact, it appears that one of them is attacking caravans leaving Mulmaster and heading towards Thay. You have been asked by the Cloaks to investigate the attacks, discover who is behind them, and stop them if you can. Old Enemies Arise is a four-hour adventure designed for three to seven 5th-10th level characters. This is Adventurers League, so remember to bring your DCI number, and character construction is Players' Handbook +1 (no Unearthed Arcana). New or experienced players welcome. Play time is from 5pm (or earlier if we're all there) to 9pm. $4/player minimum DM gratuity

Shadowrun 5e: God Machine [CLOSED]

Golem's Gate - Gaming and Geekdom

"The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." - H.P. Lovecraft ---->As Shadowrunners, your characters are underworld mercenaries that will have to navigate a world interconnected by the digital Matrix, unpredictable Magics, and rampant cyber/bio augmentation; all tightly controlled by Mega Corporations bleeding the people dry. Remember to trust no one, shoot straight, conserve your ammo, and never make a deal with a Dragon. ---->This game takes place across a global stage, ~2075. A rag-tag crew finds themselves caught in the middle of a world spanning conspiracy hiding a terrible secret. [ROSTER] Alex as Max Bliss: Ex Lone-Star Detective Allyson as 'Kaz': Adept Face Carrie as 'Charlie': Gun-Bunny Jacob as 'Snake': Spec Ops infiltrator Josh as 'Victor': Decker/Demolitions Nikolous as 'Golf': Driver Ray as Duchamp: Draconic Mage $2/player minimum GM gratuity. GM: Keefe Ng

Bill's D&D 5e Homebrew Vaijarawyn game

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I have set the attendee limit to 9 at my table, that includes me (DM) and thus there are eight-player seats open. If you're signed up (RSVPed) here on Meetup, you have assured a seat. Everyone else is first come first served. There is a $1.00 per hour per player (or $2.00 for this game as scheduled) minimum DM gratuity payable to Golems Gate Gaming and Geekdom and due before you leave for the evening. More is not expected but appreciated. Vaijarawyn is my homebrew world for D&D 5e. Use either approved point spread (Players Handbook pg.13 second paragraph) or 27 point-buy for statistic scores (Str Dex Con etc), build your character using any race or class available in the WotC released books. Bring printouts or books with you for the less well-known races or classes for DM approval-knowledge. This game will meet every other week, Monday nights. A few things to note, in Vaijarawyn Wild Elves are more prolific than their cousins the High Elves. Also, Wild Elves are ranked higher in status because of their connections to the life tether (Ask if you need more information). Due in part to the centuries of recovery after the "Sky Scale War" (Dragons were far too prolific for a time), Vaijarawyn societies and cities tend to be more diverse racially. Certain places, of course, are still very much exclusive to their prime race, but in almost every case there are exceptions to the rule. This by no means should indicate that there are no prejudices, there are. Dragonborn are hated almost universally in the world. Drow, Deugar, and other members of races generally looked down upon will still find themselves in sticky and hard to handle social situations. This world is HUGE, and you're a part of the building of it. Your character, backstory, background, and any notes you might make regarding this game will help me to continue to grow it. I look forward to seeing you all at the table.


Golem's Gate - Gaming and Geekdom

(OPEN) Intro D&D And Adventurers League Join us for Monday Night Adventurers League. We will be doing the starter adventures for the different seasons. All players (beginners and experienced) are invited to take part. ***Please note, that it is not required to have taken part in previous sessions or adventures! As an introduction game it is designed and optimized for Level 1 characters. ***Priority Seating will be granted to those who register via Meetup. Begginers have priority over all. Mix & Mingle with other Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts! $2/player minimum DM gratuity DM: Kacey What to bring: • Dice • Players Handbook (or the Basic PHB download and printed) What's Provided: • Pregenerated Character (if needed) ***You may purchase blank character and log sheets from Golem's Gate for a nominal fee. ***Character Creation Note: In order to play advanced options, you must possess a players handbook or relative source material. I typically get there by 630 to help with character builds and to answer any questions.

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Legend of the 6 Crystals - Homebrew

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