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Missouri City/Stafford/Sugar Land gamers, we now have a place close-by for you to come to play your favorite games: Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Magic: The Gathering, and more!

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Concordia Chronicles: Wretched Weaponry (D&D 5e Open Table Homebrew)

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Details The game is a homebrewed setting of my own creation. There will be a consistent group but extra spaces will be left open for anyone who wants to try out playing but isn't sure about joining for long term or just wants to try a new game. I use the 3 tier experience method so everyone will be the same level and level up together, this includes new players, and also allows for more roleplay since combat isn't the only way to level up. All books published by Wizards of The Coast and Unearthed Arcana are allowed for character creation, but you must bring a printed out copy of any Unearthed Arcana you use. You may use any method to determine stats if you roll, roll 4d6, keeping the highest three, re-rolling 1s. This is a link to the player lore document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WXPwrmnRIUsYuE0z8YG_yRro_tQWewZsb6X40xU9sgk/edit?usp=sharing This document is full of common knowledge that your characters would have living in this world. The group's current level is: 12 Minimum fee: $10 (Starting January 1, the table fee is $2/hour. $1 goes to the DM as gratuity in store credit, $1 goes to the store. Anything above the minimum goes to the DM) DM: Jorge Waggoner

[CLOSED TABLE] A Year in the RAW - 5e D&D Campaign (playing online)

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This game is currently playing online only due to the health concerns associated with the COVID19 pandemic. With five players in the game we currently one open seat at the table. If you are interested in joining the campaign and can commit to playing (most) Fridays through the end of 2020 let me know and I will work with you to get your character worked out and into the game. What players should expect from me as DM: 1. I will do my best to provide an enjoyable game. 2. I will do my best to let my players know ahead of time if a game is cancelled for any reason. 3. I will do my best to create a continuously evolving campaign based on the story of the characters. 4. I will DM the game according to RAW to the best of my ability. 5. I will provide the gaming materials I need to run the game as DM – core rulebooks, dice, monster/npc miniatures, etc. What I expect from players as DM: 1. I expect players to adhere to ‘Wheaton’s Law’. 2. I expect players to do their best to let me know ahead of time if they cannot make a game. 3. I expect players to know their character. 4. I expect players to provide the gaming materials they need to play their character – current character sheet, rulebooks, dice, character miniature, etc. If you have any questions, please post them here or email me at [masked]. If you email, please include A Year in the RAW in the subject line of the email. I look forward to seeing at the table. Chaz Minimum fee: $8

The Menagerie (A Savage World Supers Game)

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Our intrepid heroes find themselves in a strange place with brand new powers. What will they do? Join us and find out. To reserve a place please sign up. If you can't attend please try to cancel 24 hrs before to allow those on the wait list to play. Spots fill up fast so sign up now. DM: John-Mark Keel Minimum fee: $8 (Starting January 1, the table fee is $2/hour. $1 goes to the DM as gratuity in store credit, $1 goes to the store. Anything above the minimum goes to the DM) (This event is set in the Savage Worlds System.)

D&D 5e, Home Brew. Piercing the Crystal Veil.

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Closed table. A few years ago a new land appeared north of the spine of the world. There is one pass into and out of it. It is a volcanic land surrounded by a ring of impassable mountains. Magical storms envelope the peaks. No scrying or Teleportation has worked so far. Mirabar has established trade relations with this new land. The way is dangerous. Apparently magic Crystals are plentiful there. This is their main export to Mirabar There are rumors of great wealth and adventure to be had. Tails speak of a land ruled by Dragonborn. Apparently a great war was fought many centuries ago between the Dragonborn and the Teiflings over these crystals. Dragons helped defeat the Teiflings and it is said they also hold positions of power. Upon arriving in Melanor the party was hired by a dwarf to take him to his ancestral home, rescue his brother and stop the tieflings from activating a powerful crystal chamber. Homebrew. Characters are 7th lvl. This is a closed table.

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